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Asteroid Battle.Excerpt from “Operation Azares”


Our fears taught fate how to kill us. A Calpuri Squadron, has tracked us, and tried to attack our ship. We crashed into a rock, and exited the ship. Two landing modules, landed right in front of us. Thank god for our heavy armor, or we would end up floating in space. But, that was the only good news.  We were outnumbered 4 to one. Literally, the entire surface of the asteroid was covered by enemy soldiers and robots. One couldn’t move a step without having to kill.

We had no choice, but to fight. The Calpuris started first, by vaporizing Max and Patricia. We fired back and knocked 4 of their robots from the rock. That was followed by a massive Alpher attack.  We lost five other men, within three minutes. Rita was torn in half by two battle droids. Madoka fell from the rock and into outer space. Then I saw a battle droid crash into him. Rest in peace. Cond tried to rescue him, and burned in hellfire. That freaking droid was loaded with it. Galdan and Fang burned down with her, so did a couple Calpuri soldiers. Rita tried to run into the Calpuri ship, and was cut in half by a laser sword. When the fire evaporated. Only Leff, I, and Dua remained alive.  Calpuri soldiers had retreated. They would deal with us later. Meanwhile we were free to die on our own. The whole damn rock was littered with burned metal, and frozen body parts. Cond’s fried up legs, Madoka’s shattered fingers, and Rita’s hands. The thermometer showed -260C close to absolute zero. Nothing lets you survive this for long. Even our space suits, would eventually give in, and let our bodies turn into icicles.

We were stranded on a desolate rock, in the middle of nowhere. For god knows how long. Surrounded by remains of our team. That’s what hell actually looks like. I was about to rupture my space suit, when we were attacked again. A single landing module with 5 soldiers on it. We rushed towards it, trying to escape. Next thing, I know I was vaporized.

Left is Back. Excerpt from Operation Azares.

Left is Back. Excerpt from Operation Azares.


That day, Leya woke me up at 5am. He was in full attire, and had children jump around my room in VR headsets. It was Kist, 11th day of the week, and it was Tau 35th, two month away from New Year eve. The third day of the weekend was about to start.  I sat up on my bed and saw Leya staring at me. Then, I heard: “Leff   is half way here! He is totally coming. back”. Leya got too much Elfish juice in his system. Dua should put him on “no sales list”. It was three minutes before I understood that Leya was talking to me, and it was Kadjari, not Calpuri.

Then, I jumped out of the bed. I asked her, how long did they try to wake me up. He said news came out at 2am. He woke the kids up at 4. They had been ruining my room for like half an hour. I asked Leya, what woke her up. He said he had a hologram call from Mubarak. Former Prime minister was waiting for departure in the spaceport. When Envoy Fitzroy Nadoma, appeared on all screens at once, and made an announcement.  Mubarak called Leya, Emma, and mayor Loti. Leya woke up, and had an awkward hologram conversation, sitting on the bed in a nightgown, talking to envoy, former envoy, former head of city government, and a couple of ants. Ants, being ants are always naked. They told Leya Leff is almost out of Calpuri territory, and half way to Diatama.  A Nadoma told us that, so it must be true.

I pushed everyone out of the room, and started to get dressed. When I got into the kitchen. I saw kids being on Diatama again. I also saw Malik, and Envoy Fitzroy Nadoma, mayor Loti, and CEO Kavu Dzimanga. Taking off their invisibility cloaks.

“What in hell, are all of you doing in a civilian house, in the middle of the night. Why you did not go to a big fancy military base on the other side of Farkle, or on the shore of Lake Leya, or at the center of the old city? Of all places you pick a house of the founding fathers.” I was shocked.

Fitzroy mumbled something in Rimmatian. Everyone stared at him. Then an angel came to his rescue.

“Hello everyone.” Emma entered the room. “Jafar, you look great as always,” Emma looked at me. “Hi Mr. Nadoma.” Emma shook Fitzroy’s hand.

“Emma what are you doing here?” Leya looked mad, “Could we discuss that tomorrow.” he yawned.

Everyone yawned. Roger fell asleep on the table. Kim climbed onto the table and fell asleep on top of him.

“Humans allow kids to do that?” Kavu’s eyes were the size of saucers, he yawned, sat down on the chair.

“Leya is a liberal parent.” Malik smiled.

“Ok.  Let’s keep kids on the table and return to the topic.” Fitzroy seemed very excited, despite being awake for 22 hours.

I nodded.

“We know that Leff’s spaceship is half way here. We must start preparations for his return.” Fitzroy stressed every word. Typical Nadoma.

“We should have a big performance at the center of the city.” mayor Loti was heard from the corner.

“We should have a parade on the main street.” Leya suggested

“The Procession should carry photos of every expedition members.” Emma stated.

“Your portrait should also be included. Mubarak’s portrait as well.” Jafar stared Emma in the eyes.

“Dzimanga would pay for everything.” Kavu said, as he went into the living room.

“Oh, cool. I would go sleep too.” Malik followed him.

“Great. We have a plan!” Fitzroy was delighted.

“And the moonless night is almost over.” Leya said. Then he turned around and went into his bedroom.

I dozed off to sleep.

The Start of the mission. excerpt from Operation Azares

The Start of the mission. excerpt from Operation Azares


(image from conceptships.blogspot.com)

I had the entire city so clean, the streets were shining.  I had portraits of expedition members hanging from every lamppost and every second tree. I had every available camera pointed the expedition making their way from Envoy’s residence to the spaceport in full battle gear.
Leya waited for them in front of their spaceport, along with a huge crowd of spectators. He had the city entire city transportation system working on pumping the people toward the spaceport.  And he had our high school cheerleaders preparing a show for the galaxy to see. He also made up our tourism slogans: “Diatama-the launch pad of dreams” and “Sakuradzima Nua- the city of glory”. He did everything to put our city in the travel logs.

During the departure ceremony we showed off as much as we could. Our cheerleaders pulled off the most complex performance, doing tricks while jumping up into the air. And it worked, his holiness did smile. Leya would bath in happiness for the rest of his life. And I am happy too. If he smiled at us than we are doing the best possible job. One can be proud of that. Because nothing can be better, than a smile from God.

The emperor did talk with each member of the expedition. He explained them the importance of the mission, he told them that they will do something even he considered impossible until he dared to try. He congratulated them, and told them that he will grant those of them who return a private audience and immortality. He also showed them their statues being erected on the squares of their hometowns as he spoke.  He told everyone he firmly believes in the success of the expedition. He also looks forward to finding allies in our endless war against Calpurnia.

His hologram faded out, and then the expedition boarded their craft. Two minutes later they took off, and the whole crowd cried. I took Leya and Jafar by hands and guided them home. After that I went to my house. Everyone in the city was dismissed. And Leya said that departure day (Frederick 7th) would be a city holiday until the return of the expedition.

The Cyclops Poem


(Image by AShiori-chan)

Ramses is a planet of ruins.

Ramses is a world of sand.

Ramses is a kingdom of glory.

Ramses is a colony of humans.


The human kings hate our culture.

The human kings want us changed.

The human kings like humans better.

The human kings want us dead.


We are the race of cyclops.

We are the natives of Ramses.

We are tall and proud people.

We are fighting an endless war.


We will make peace with the humans.

We will build a prosperous world.

We will live in peace together.

We will have a great future.

The Training Camp. Excerpt from “Operation Azares”

battle black blur board game
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

My dream had come true! I came back to the army. God, I missed early morning runs, yelling drill sergeants, and dumb army humor. Everything was done in shifts, Zahuris first, followed by humans, Orks, and goblins. The Hall of Wars gave us busy schedules, so we only rested for 2 hours in the evening.

The only activities everyone did together, were the trials. Big competitions, after which failures were sent home. The Empire wanted the best of men on this mission. So, the imperfect had to be weeded out.

At the Marathon, we had to run 55kilometers in 5hours. My time was 4hours 20 minutes. A human named Leff, former assistant of Mubarak, made it in under 4 hours.  I can’t let any human run faster than me. I had to be the best. I wanted to become the Mission Commander.

My super-motivation, sometimes led to sprained joints. At other times, it allowed me to progress faster than others. They put up my portraits on the wall of honor, citing my perseverance and determination.  People looked up to me, and during the evening breaks I gave motivational speeches. I became a local celebrity.

Everyone knew me as the guy who never gives up. It was said that I don’t start counting until it hurts. That wasn’t true, I am a Zahuri, and we always want to be precise. Still, at every break people came up to me to take some selfies.

The battle to end the War. Excerpt from “Operation Azares”.


There was an urgent need to end the long war. We must go toward Azares. It would be the largest bloodiest battle of the entire war. But, we would win, and the war would be over.

I field marshal Ezra Taniri was in charge of Diatama System. We had to fill it with troops and supplies. 137 bases would house the personnel and equipment we need to for the battle. They would be scattered all over the planet, with the biggest concentration in and around Sakuradzima Nua.

The construction of the military bases provided employment for the local populace. The presence of military personnel gave everyone on the planet the sense of security.

It was further reinforced by putting the force shield generator inside every civilian dwelling. Those force fields saved numerous lives during the past planet sieges. The people were enabled to survive the initial bombardment phase and to stay alive until the Imperial Fleet drove the Calpuri out of the system. However, those are no match to the Hell Fire.

Nothing can be a match for Hell Fire. It devours entire planets in a matter of days. It burns water, melts rock, and vaporizes metal. It’s an ultimate super weapon, handed to the humans by Tias Dzimanga. The entire Imperial Arsenal is transferred Calpuri Technology. No, the whole Empire is built upon this.

The Human Empire is a byproduct of an ancient disagreement. We had to end this argument and unify with the Calpuri. Multiple attempts to start negotiations were met with rejection. An attack on Calpurnia itself, was the only way to beat some sense into Kodimas.