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The Documentary Part 1. Excerpt from “Envoy’s Daughter”

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When I came back from Upper Plateau, the Emperor graced me with a new mission.  I had to collect the information about the Lejian Mega clans, and their relationship with Martians.  I also had to present the information to the wide audience, in a form easy for them to understand.  I was supposed to expose the inequality and inspire action.

After a long discussion with Aisha, I have decided to make a documentary series.  I have wanted to publish a book, but Aisha told me a better plan.  The masses are easier to engage, if you show them visuals.

To kick start my research, I have read the Imperial Encyclopedia for 5 hours every weekday.  I read all the articles about 15 great clans of Leji.  And I made notes on all of them.   I have made a list of clan lords for each of clans and typed a paragraph about each one.   I have spent practically all of my time in my office.  No one was allowed to disturb me, while I read, and made notes.

The first weekend of the school year I and Layla, went to the Alley of the Presidents, and recorded all of their stories.  On Dork 14th, we went to Sakuradzima, and listened to the life story of Ivati Nadzima.  We also went to the Foundation Museum and made notes about the founding fathers.  A day later I went there again and made notes about the first colonial expedition.

On, Soldar, Din 1st, I have started my research on the Martians.  I went to the Foundation museum, they had nothing on the Martian settlers.  I went to the National History museum, they only had two dozen artifacts to represent 15 thousand years of Martian presence.  Layla told me, if I want to find out more, I have to visit Martian towns.

We have gone to Kivat and went to Arrival Museum.  There I learned that first children of Mars came here, during the reign of Rumi Lindar.  The cities of Kivat and Gegendorf were founded as exclusively Martian communities during the reign of Darth Nadoma.  After leaving the Museum we went to the First Settlers park, where we have recorded the story of the trip from Mars, from the founder of Kivat, Patrick Johnson.

To finish the work on the first film I and Leff have gone to Mars, and spent two months there, visiting museums, historic locations, and listening to statues.  After coming back, I put everything together, and showed the film to my family.  I wanted to release Guests from Marsimmediately, but Aisha said it would be better to release everything at once.

Next year, I have researched the professional life of Martians on Kadjar.  I went to Gegendorf Museum of Martian pride.   I saw that Martian settlers, and their descendants, had peculiar social status on Kadjar.  They all worked in Medicine and Education, the other fields were closed to them.  Kivat and Gegendorf were the only town, where descendants of Martians own stores and work in government, everywhere else they could only be doctors or teachers.  Most of Kadjari teachers, college professors, doctors, dentists, and nurses have Martian last names.  I had Leff look through the employment records of schools, hospitals and kinder gardens.

It was determined that Martians were locked into comfortable middle-class prison.   A Smith or a Johnson would never become a policeman or bureaucrat.  A Lindar or Dzimani does not even need a resume to get accepted.  That’ s what people told me, both online and in personal conversations.   I have checked their data, I have looked at employment rosters of City Halls, and Police departments all over the planet.  I have made inquiries to every major clan.  And I saw those claims confirmed.  There was discrimination on unimaginable scale, and everyone had to face the truth.   Thus, A Doctor or Nobody, was created.

While working on the second film, I discovered something huge.  There were entire provinces, where no Martians were allowed to settle.  They could visit those lands but they could not relocate.  Even if people lived on Kadjar for generations, they were considered Martians, they were denied housing just because of their last names.

After hearing that, I have decided to go further.   I have visited every province of Kadjar and talked with people of Martian descent.  They were present everywhere.   Thousands of people in Martian free zones have descended from Martians who married into Terran, Vijer and Lejian clans.  I have looked at life stories of thousands of people both living and deceased and saw a clear pattern.  A person ceases to be a pariah, if his last name changes.  So, the third film was titled,As good as Last Name.


The rest of the month was calm and uneventful.  In the morning, I went out into the steppe and collected insects, to give a present to Jafar.  In the afternoon, I had dragonball practice with Malik and Rosa.  The most important, and most interesting part of the day was the evening.  Every evening the elders gathered around and told the stories of their past, their thoughts and beliefs.  Many people gathered around to listen.  They all formed a circle the elders as they discussed and taught their wisdom.  The elders initially shared pleasantries among themselves and then eventually began the story of the night pointing at the fireplace.

“Do you see that log burning?”  elder addressed the crowd.

“Yes.” everyone said in unison.

“That is a metaphor for good and evil.” elder began his tale, “The fire being evil, the wood being good.  Fire is change that destroys the good wood but in return we are benefited by light, heat and energy to cook and make things:  it is irreversible but necessary.”  Elder has explained the function of evil. “Eventually, evil causes the demise of us as we run out of well.” I looked into the fire slowly burning through the logs. “But see this. If I were use my laser and make the fire burn through the wood, a part of it would break off and not burn as a result stopping the fire prematurely and ending our benefit from it.  If I were to burn the piece of wood with liquid fuel it would burn brighter, hotter and faster but also finish the wood sooner.  This teaches you a valuable lesson:  too much evil at any one time causes it to die killing everyone with it.  It doesn’t matter how much good we have the amount of evil must be managed in order for us to survive.” Elder gave us his wisdom. Everyone nodded in agreement. Everyone except me.

“So, you are saying that good does nothing by itself and depends on evil to provide us with benefits?’’ I questioned his logic. He just called evil absolutely necessary.

“I am saying that both are needed in order for us to benefit, and evil cannot exist without good, and yes, there is a difference between the two as many have wondered before.” Elder replied to me. We looked at each other’s eyes across the flames.

“But doesn’t every action have both good and evil to it? It doesn’t fit the wood – fire analogy there. Unless each action produces both wood and fire.” I pointed out the flaws within his argument. The world is full of dualism, everything is exactly as good, as it is evil.

“Wise! Ultimate word of wisdom:  the deeper you dig into the words of wisdom the more you find inaccuracies in them.”  Elder agreed with me. “At the end of the day you would have to decide for yourself how far should you dig into the well of wisdom before you are satisfied with what you find and make use of it.  Having said that you have proven me right that they must both coexist.” elder told me not to go deep into philosophy.  For this subject drives people crazy.

“True, but I may have proven you wrong when it comes to good being by itself like wood without fire, which actually never happens.” I had to make sure that he was mistaken. Good can’t exist without evil.

“Precisely.” all elders said together in agreement.

“That is all for tonight.  We are aware that some of you found this debate confusing.  You came for a story but encountered a revelation.  We would leave it to you to realize what just happened.  We would discuss it further tomorrow.” Tribal chief ended the discussion.  That was the end of the gathering. People needed time to sleep.

The discussion of clans. Excerpt from “Envoy’s Daughter”


At the dinner, we were comparing and contrasting the cultures of Kadjar and Terra.  They turned out to be totally different.

“It is so great that we have crossed our differences and forged our friendship.” I told Jafar, after I got mashed potatoes on my plate.

“There was a great barrier that we had to jump over.” Rosa stated and took a bite of sausage. “Our cultures have nothing in common, except the Empire faith.” She acknowledged.

“What kind of differences are you talking about? Honestly, I know nothing about Terra.” Jafar asked me.

“Let’s start with the obvious.  We all remember the day when I and Rosa first came to school.  Because, we grew up on Terra, where everyone is raised as girls and boys, we could not expect a situation where we are addressed as males.  Everyone on Kadjar is equally masculine, and they know no females.”

I lectured.

“Then we have to address two handsome dragons sitting on this table.” Rosa stood up putting her hands at the shoulders of her companions. “I could not go out with two partners at once when I was Terra.  That would be unacceptable to the Terran society, while here it is totally normal.  You can have as many as four partners, no one would bat his eye.” Rosa finished and sat back down.

“Well, there is a limitation to that, it is forbidden to go out with persons of different species.  Humans date humans, Zahuris date Zahuris.”  Jafar set the record clear.  She also had a plate cleared.

“Here is another difference between Kadjar and Holy Terra.  Only humans can live on Holy Terra.  People of other species can’t stay there unless they serve the Emperor.” Dad uttered.

“Meanwhile, here on Kadjar we have entire cities only populated by goblins.” Dereck stated and ate his third sandwich.

“Do goblins celebrate weddings? For the whole time I was here, I have not seen a single wedding.” Mom joined the conversation.

“What is a wedding?”  Jafar asked.  My eyes climbed to my forehead.  How in hell, could they not have weddings?

“That’s when people celebrate the birth of new family.” Mom answered.

“We don’t have that here.  If you and your companion move in together you are officially partnered.” Norbert described how Kadjari families are formed.

“In that case, whose last name would my grandchildren get?” Mom raised her concern.  She needed to know how last names are determined here on Kadjar.

“That depends on who moves in with whom.  If Layla moves in with Dereck, she would join the Durans, and if he moves here, then they would be Beys.”  Mr.  Lindar explained to her.  The same scheme as on Terra.  Only you don’t have to change your last name every time you move.

“Duran is not a neighborhood, isn’tit?” Mom needed a little clarification.

“We are the greatest clan of Kadjar and the empire.” Octave took a bite of bread, “Over generations, we have grown from the family of Armand Duran, into the collection of families scattered all across the Empire.” Octave Duran had a glass of water.  “As of now, there are 170 million Durans, in millions of households on 1200 worlds.” Octave Duran finished his sandwich.

“What do all these people do?” Malik got curious.

“We are the masters of computer hardware.” Denise replied.

“Do you have a special clan for everything, like we have special neighborhoods?” Malik searched for an analogy.

“Yes, we do.  Lindars manage the teleports, Nadomas make service robots, Nadzimas grow timber and turn it into artifacts.  Meanwhile Dzimangas rule biotech, Glish control the music, and Faru produce games.” Octave described the duties of a few select clans.

“How large are those other clans?” Mom inquired.

“We Lindars number 144 million.” Norbert took his communicator out of the bag. “There are 138 million living Nadzimas, 66 million Dangans, and 115 million Dzimangas.” Mrs. Lindar answered her question.

“If I join the clan, can I get the profits from their business?” Rosa got her third helping of mashed potatoes.  Jafar got her fifth.

“Yes, you can.  All adult members of the clan are considered shareholders of clan fortune, if they work for the clan.”  Mr. Lindar was done with his mashed potatoes.

“Can you get a job without membership?” I have cleared my plate.

“Non – clan members can be employees but never shareholders.  Each clan has to have 5% of its workforce be non – members, no more, no less.” Mr.  Lindar allowed such opportunity, for a few people.  The rest are stuck within their clan structures or have no jobs at all.  When his speech was over, maids showed up to pick up the dishes.

The dinner has ended.   Everyone got up and went out of the house.  Everyone, except Rosa’s companions.  Dad held meetings with Rosa’s companions in his office.  First with Rob, and then with Ned.

My sister turns 17 on Dergdar, Clio 10th, and Jafar lost virginity on her 17thbirthday.  It is a custom here, to start right after you are allowed to.

Does this count as constitution? Excerpt from Best City on Diatama

  We the people of Diatama have assembled together and collectively drafted a compromise constitution. We respect the lives of every living being on the planet we colonized and believe that every colonist and descendant thereof shall have equal rights before law and the emperor.

  1. The name of the country shall be Diatama Ant Kingdoms Federation. Our form of government is a collective monarchy. Every major decision people make must be approved on the annual meeting of the council of Kings.
  2. The issues of daily governance shall rest in the hands of individual cities and kingdoms. The towns and kingdoms have right to unite themselves into provinces.
  3. The decision about creation of a province must be approved by the council of Kings.
  4. The council of Kings is an unelected body, only true born ant Kings shall be present at meetings of the council. The presence of the imperial envoy, or his imperial highness, is an exception to this rule.
  5. The council of Kings shall be the supreme court of Diatama.
  6. The cities are allowed to invite immigrants from anywhere they want as long as the proportion of ants to humanoids does not drop below 15 to 1.
  7. The third week of month Sophi, would be the Empire week.
  8. One month out of the year shall be designated a vacation month, the cities and ant mounds are free to designate any month as they please.
  9. Our total population shall never exceed 800 million humanoids, and 15 billion ants.
  10. Each community, province and kingdom shall be autonomous unless the issue requires the attention of ant King council.



Jafar’s Party. Excerpt from Operation Azares

Jafar’s Party. Excerpt from Operation Azares

It was 3 pm, when we came to Jafar’s place. It was packed with people. Every species living in the city was represented there. Orks, goblins, humans, and Zahuris were all fully dressed and wearing gloves. The weather was hot, but people value life above comfort.

I greeted everyone, and shook hands with humans. Dzimangas are friends, but they never shake hands with anyone.  Not even with each other.

There I saw every notable of Sakuradzima Nua, the mayor, all the cabinet, the Dzimangas, Mr. Cond, and off course Nadzimas, among others. This is an elite gathering, a party for the people who have been here since before the constitutional convention.  My partners and kids all go into the house where Mr. Cond is lecturing about Azares Mission.

I go over to the swimming pool, where kids are playing water polo. I greet them. And they greet me, only to continue with the game. I sit down on the chair under umbrella chair. Two other chairs are occupied. Zahuri teens next to me stop their discussion and greet me.

“Hi. I’m Rita Nadzima.” The one closer to me introduced himself. His hair covered half of his face.

“Hello, I’m Malik Bey.” I greeted him.

“I’m Nao Dzimanga.”  The second teenager nodded at me.

I looked at the person sitting to my right. He was very muscular, and he spoke in deep voice. I asked him: “How old are you Rita? Aren’t you a little young to be dating?”

Rita cleared his throat: “I just turned 96 last Dogma, at Nao is 98. So, I don’t think we are too young. In fact, each of us, is older than you, and every human in this party.”

Nao looked up to my face: “If I was a human, I would be a grandfather. But, I am in high school. By, the way Jafar cancelled the midnight dance to honor late Tana Nadzima.”

Rita, covered his face with hands, “He was the greatest lord our clan had since Ivati. Under his reign Nadzima was the most respected clan. Now, they are holding elections. I hope CEO Dua wins, I don’t think Fasti would be a good choice. He spent too much time out on Rimmat. Does not know anything about traditions. He even has tattoos.” They were busy conversing about the ongoing Clan Lord election.

Nao came behind Rita and looked into the sky: “That human head would ruin everything. The council would be full of scandals.” They nonchalantly expressed their contempt within presence of humans.

I wanted to say something, but I had to shake hands with all of the polo players going into the house.  I have followed them in. So, did Rita. Nao stayed behind.

I entered the living room, when the celebratory feast was about to begin. Around 50 people were sitting at the roundtable which took up most of the room. The food was already on the table. There were big platters sitting in the middle of the table each with big spoon so that people can take the dishes they fancy, and put them on their plates. All the plates were empty now, according to custom established when Leya was mayor, no one at the table was allowed to eat until the host started the meal. We waited a couple minutes, till Jafar finished lecturing Kim about the idiocy buying things to only use them one. Tarik Mal and Jyurgen W. Hein, agreed on one thing, buying items and then not using them, is a waste of resources, in order to be efficient, you should utilize everything to its full potential, otherwise you should not buy it.

Propaganda Game. Excerpt from Best City on Diatama.

Propaganda Game. Excerpt from Best City on Diatama.

The election victory banquet would be a perfect demonstration of how abundant the food and wealth of the empire are.  I would have people bury Leya under the mountain of gifts, and then waiters would bring in enormous qualities of food.

Everyone would be very stressed from running the campaigns, and they would eat as much as they can fit inside them. It would be a perfect demonstration of how Imperial Subjects live a life of comfort and luxury. Many people would prefer this to their humble lives in the mud huts, caves, and tree houses. They would want to have the same life as the guests of this party.  Then we would come to them and give them everything.

Some people think, that I am wrong, but I believe, that the best way to convert people to the love of luxury is to demonstrate it in front of them. Who would hate the people who give each other mounts of gifts.

The gift giving scene could be used to symbolize the Imperial desire to spread the wealth around.  It would be better, if the gifts were not given to just one person, but I would just add scenes from events everywhere on Diatama including birthday parties.

Everyone would like to get gifts. And this is the sure way to spread our culture. Our great civilization would be happy to accept the new tribes into it. That would to lead to the expansion of the great clan infrastructure all over the periphery planets. That could help to put many a million people into work producing the goods that periphery markets would crave.

Those were my thoughts, when I was flying to Diatama. When I left the spaceship, I met with Dua. With him I went to his office. There I told him about my great propaganda plot.

“What’s my role in all of this?” Dua sat down on his couch.

“Your role my friend, is to make sure that election victory dinners happen in every humanoid town on Diatama.  You must make sure that every winner gets a load of presents.” I gave him a description of his duties.

“How am I supposed to get them presents?” Dua was shocked. He had neither the time, nor the budget to get that done.

“You are not getting anything for anyone.” I told him not to worry about purchases.

“What do you mean?” Dua was perplexed.

“All you do is inform the clan councils about the celebrations and about projected winners. That way they can send in the gifts to improve ties with the cities. It would also show the mayors that they have solid support from the clans.” I gave him a short politics 101 lecture.

“Cool. Do I need to create new venues?” Dua reset into his usual construction mode.

“We would use existing restaurants. Have your people select locations, today.” I stood up and started to walk around. “What day is today?” It was second visit to Diatama, and I had a lot on my mind.

“It’s Gilma 26th, we have 10 days to prepare the parties.” Dua responded.

“Go and pick the venues today. Use the rest of time organizing the presents.” I ordered him.

“Yes. Master Kavu.” Dua proceeded to take his communicator.

I left his office and went to the hotel.  After I checked into the room I quickly fell asleep.

The next day I sent an email to Emma Cond. I needed his assistance, I had to make sure that the food offered to the guests is edible to humans.

He agreed to meet with me in his office. I teleported from the hotel to the Envoy house. It was a blue wood one story building surrounded by white Acacias.
I came up to the gate and pressed a button. “Kavu Dzimanga, right on time”, said disembodied voice, and I came in. Emma met me at the door of his office. He wore a yellow vest and green pants. He guided me inside. He sat down on the armchair behind his table. I sat on the one closer to the door.

“Hello. Master Kavu. Do you want to talk about food?” Emma has started the conversation. He wanted to make sure he understood me correctly.

“Yes, Envoy, I was going to talk about food.”  I confirmed that it was indeed the reason I came to him.

“Why such a topic of conversation?” Its highly unusual to discuss such trivial topics while at the office.

“I am planning some celebratory feasts. For the people involved in the elections. Specifically, for the newly elected city mayors.”

“Do you want me to create the menu. I am an envoy, not a chef.” Emma was offended. He is a human, and an official, and menus are the work for a robot.

“I just need a consultation.” I didn’t want anyone but me to make any decisions.   All I needed was advice.

“You could have used the net. Why come here?” Emma made a valid point.

“You have first-hand experience of the Imperial Council parties, and I want my events to be like that.”  I needed to make sure, that the Mayor receptions were just as luxurious and organized as the Imperial Council law passage parties.

“Well, that could easily be arranged.  I promise you, you won’t be disappointed.” Emma brought his expertise to the party business. That made confident in our spectacular success.

Walk to Presidential Alley III. Excerpt from Envoy’s Daughter.

After we stopped laughing, President Bergdorf continued:

“I was in charge of creating grammar, I threw away grammatical genders, and created a grammar book which simpletons could master in a couple of weeks.”  Nathan told us how he created Kadjari language most adored feature.

“Everyone was so glad, they made me president for life.”  Nathan bragged.   He has inspired us to change our position.  Layla lay down and put his head on my lap.

“Rumi Lindar created the syllabary, so you can write 2 symbols instead of 7.  To reward him for that I let him form the first partnership here on Kadjar.”  Mr.  Bergdorf told us the origins of our writing system.

“There was also Tomas Duran, the one who sat surrounded by piles of junk naming object after object.”  President Bergdorf described us how every item got its own name.  Meanwhile, I played with Layla’s hair.

“Dereck, you didn’t tell me that you also make languages.” Layla teased me with a sweetest smile.  His smile is best thing my eyes have ever seen.

“That was just one,” time gig, and only he made nouns.  I downplayed the importance of Tom’s contribution.  Layla shouldn’t see me as self – righteous showoff.

“He was not very great at that.”  Mr.  Bergdorf played into my hand.  “It took this dim bulb three hours, to name a damned t – shirt.”  Mr.  President further proved we Durans were not great in everything. “He put it on, put it off, sat on it, stared at it without making any sound.  It all didn’t work, so he named it Tas, after the Terran town he got it from.” Nathan Bergdorf described the procedures used for naming mundane objects.

“That’s a fabulous story.  Thank you, president Bergdorf” I and Layla thanked the statue in unison We were grateful for his interesting story.

“Good Bye President Bergdorf.”  We bid farewell to the statue.  Then we went to eat dragon burgers at the outdoors café.  Afterwards we walked the whole length of the alley, Bergdorf till Rosengang, and back.  We strolled past the statues, in the shade of willows. I gave Layla flowers, and he gave me kisses.  It was a wonderful date.  When we were done, we went back to my apartment.   Layla’s parents came there and took him home.