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The rest of the month was calm and uneventful.  In the morning, I went out into the steppe and collected insects, to give a present to Jafar.  In the afternoon, I had dragonball practice with Malik and Rosa.  The most important, and most interesting part of the day was the evening.  Every evening the elders gathered around and told the stories of their past, their thoughts and beliefs.  Many people gathered around to listen.  They all formed a circle the elders as they discussed and taught their wisdom.  The elders initially shared pleasantries among themselves and then eventually began the story of the night pointing at the fireplace.

“Do you see that log burning?”  elder addressed the crowd.

“Yes.” everyone said in unison.

“That is a metaphor for good and evil.” elder began his tale, “The fire being evil, the wood being good.  Fire is change that destroys the good wood but in return we are benefited by light, heat and energy to cook and make things:  it is irreversible but necessary.”  Elder has explained the function of evil. “Eventually, evil causes the demise of us as we run out of well.” I looked into the fire slowly burning through the logs. “But see this. If I were use my laser and make the fire burn through the wood, a part of it would break off and not burn as a result stopping the fire prematurely and ending our benefit from it.  If I were to burn the piece of wood with liquid fuel it would burn brighter, hotter and faster but also finish the wood sooner.  This teaches you a valuable lesson:  too much evil at any one time causes it to die killing everyone with it.  It doesn’t matter how much good we have the amount of evil must be managed in order for us to survive.” Elder gave us his wisdom. Everyone nodded in agreement. Everyone except me.

“So, you are saying that good does nothing by itself and depends on evil to provide us with benefits?’’ I questioned his logic. He just called evil absolutely necessary.

“I am saying that both are needed in order for us to benefit, and evil cannot exist without good, and yes, there is a difference between the two as many have wondered before.” Elder replied to me. We looked at each other’s eyes across the flames.

“But doesn’t every action have both good and evil to it? It doesn’t fit the wood – fire analogy there. Unless each action produces both wood and fire.” I pointed out the flaws within his argument. The world is full of dualism, everything is exactly as good, as it is evil.

“Wise! Ultimate word of wisdom:  the deeper you dig into the words of wisdom the more you find inaccuracies in them.”  Elder agreed with me. “At the end of the day you would have to decide for yourself how far should you dig into the well of wisdom before you are satisfied with what you find and make use of it.  Having said that you have proven me right that they must both coexist.” elder told me not to go deep into philosophy.  For this subject drives people crazy.

“True, but I may have proven you wrong when it comes to good being by itself like wood without fire, which actually never happens.” I had to make sure that he was mistaken. Good can’t exist without evil.

“Precisely.” all elders said together in agreement.

“That is all for tonight.  We are aware that some of you found this debate confusing.  You came for a story but encountered a revelation.  We would leave it to you to realize what just happened.  We would discuss it further tomorrow.” Tribal chief ended the discussion.  That was the end of the gathering. People needed time to sleep.

Dragon Flight. Excerpt from Envoy’s Daughter

Dragon Flight. Excerpt from Envoy’s Daughter


When we brought all our things to the yurt, Ned said that there would be Dragon over Lake game tomorrow.

“Who would play?” I asked.

“Narita plays against Gu Jong.” Ned answered.

“Are you on the team?” Rosa wondered.

“Yeah, both me and Rob would be playing tomorrow.” Ned told her.

Rosa frowned.

“Oh, dear.  There would be no fighting, for it is forbidden by the rules There would be referees to ensure that nothing wrong can happen.  And no player has been injured in a hundred years.”  Ned tried to convince her, that no one would be hurt.

“Ok, I would watch the game.” Rosa kissed him. Rosa’s companions were permitted to play.

After that we went for a walk around the camp.  It was rather large and crowded.   Ned told me, it’s because of the game.  People from all edges of the plateau came here to watch it, and reporters came here to broadcast it over Galactnet.  Their dragon had a very distinct bright red sofa mounted on its back.  Ned said those are rented out in Sa Tung (Kadjari – Meat Town), the province capital.  We passed by the journalist dragon and went to walk in the open steppe.

The camp was surrounded by endless flat plain.  The soil here is red, and the grass is bright green.  According to Leff, that is the best pastureland in the galaxy.   However, what was interesting here was not the land or grass.  It was the dragons.  Several herds were grazing within walking distance from the camp.  Those were fire breezers, if they saw any rodents in the grass they burned them, and then threw coal into the piles.  The herders collected coal and then used it to cook food.  Some coal was shipped away to Sa Tung and sold to restaurants.

Rodents were still numerous, because they mostly feed on the species picky dragons don’t like and there are, thanks to dragons, no predators.  Except the herder lizards eat them sometimes.

When the herders saw us, they had offered me a ride on the herder lizard.  I hesitated for a while, Rosa and Malik each a circle above the camp before I agreed to try.

They sat me down, a long and narrow flying lizard.  My feet were put into stirrup, while my butt was up in the saddle.  I took the reins, then instructor told me to do the circle, telling me the dragon moves in the direction you point his head in.

I pulled the reins, and the dragon, jumped up, I pulled again and it started flying.  I stopped getting higher when I saw the game lake.  I released the reins, and dragon tried to shake me off.   The instructor told me to hold on, and never lose control.

“You lose control once, and then you lie down at the bottom of the lake.” Instructor warned me.

“Got it, always keep the beast under control.” I replied.  I held the reins tightly, leaving no freedom to the dragon.

“Now, take him, and guide him where you want to go.” Instructor told me to fly around.   “You should always be in control, not even for a second allow the dragon to think that he is in charge.” He gave lifesaving advice.

“Don’t worry Mr.  Narita, I’m stirring him forward to the lake.” I reported.

Together with instructor I flew to the lake and back.  Then we returned to the ground and went back into the camp.

“How was it?”  Leff asked attentively. He has watched my entire flight from the ground.

“It’s amazing.  You should try it.”  I told him. He would look great on a flying lizard.  One could mistake him for a veteran player.

“I still prefer jetpacks.  They give you more freedom of motion.” Leff rejected this idea.  He looked into the clouds absorbed into memories.

“But, they are more dangerous.”  I voiced my concern.  Has anyone ever heard of exploding dragons? Jetpacks explode all the time.

“The more freedom you have, the more responsibility you have to take.  You have to understand it Layla.” Leff looked me in the eyes. Jetpacks give you more control, but survival is not guaranteed.

“What if you are afraid of that?” I asked.  The idea of taking life into my own hands frightened me.

“Then you should never take more liberty than you can handle.” Leff Josef recommended.

“How do you learn you limits?” I inquired. I wanted to stay on the safe side.

“You don’t.  You just bump into them.” He told me to experiment and explore. One can’t find his limits unless he crosses them.

Leff started walking.  He guided me into our yurt.  There we watched Terrans on Rimmat together as a family.

Trip to the Upper Plateau. Excerpt from Envoy’s Daughter.

agriculture clouds countryside cropland
Photo by Ákos Szabó on Pexels.com

On the first of Patra, when the vacation started.  We left the house early in the morning.  We were invited to spend a month with the family of Rosa’s boyfriend Ned.  He lives in the Herohito province, right in the middle of the steppe.  His tribe, Narita, the famous riders, occupies the center of the Upper Plateau.

The Upper Plateau is 9 million square kilometers, housing 18 million nomads and 4 million town folks. A third of the land is no go zone for humans, set aside for wild dragons. To the east are Dzimani Mountains, and beyond them you have Eastern Provinces housing 3 billion people, including a billion islanders. To the north the terrain gets lower and you have the grain country, 20 provinces with 1 billion people. To the west you have coastal plains and Infinite City, and to the south: the highly populated Gur subcontinent with 6 billion people in 22 provinces. The continent with adjacent islands and archipelagos is home to 17 billion people. Total Area is 104 million square kilometers (Continent itself-90.5), out of which humans use, 77 million.

The first thing we saw after arrival to Nord Herohito teleport station, was a giant grass green dragon with three riders.  I took a closer look and saw Ned waving at us. We went to greet him and his family.  We were in for the suffocating hugs from the nomads.  Ned’s mother Erica, was a really strong person.  Both of her husbands also had very mighty hands.  They guided us to the Dragon station and helped us get onto a huge black dragon.

“You just tell him, you go to the Narita camp and he would bring you there.” Erica told us.  “You don’t want to fall from the couch, so everyone has to fasten his seatbelt.  Otherwise you are food for the birds.” he warned.

Dad told dragon the destination, and the dragon started running.  It run faster, and faster until it gained enough speed to fly.  Dragon got into the air and headed straight up.  Once at the cruise altitude, dragon flew horizontally.

The entire flight took us 4 hours.  I have life streamed the entire flight, to the delight of Jenna, who told me I should make movies. From our couch seat on the broad back of the dragon, I had shown her, a mesmerizing view of this expense.  We saw beneath us endless plains, with herds of herbivore dragons eating grass.  The herders hovered above them on agile flying lizards.  Ours were the kind of dragon for freight and passenger transport.   Riding those is much more comfortable then I could have imagined.  Only it’s a bit cold up here, in the wind, and with no shielding.   And bird flocks fly in all directions.   Leff entertained himself by taking pictures of birds, dragons, and the nomad camps below.

“All of that is amazing! I wish, I was there with you,” pause, “But, why can’t you teleport to this place?” Jenna, typed back in Imperiapolis.

“Well, they are nomads, and the camp moves from place to place all the time.  So, it’s impossible to build a station there.” I dictated response with my mind.

“What about mobile stations?” Jenna still had questions.

“They take the whole fun out of being a nomad and rob you of this flying experience.”  I closed the topic.

“Ah, I get it.” Jenna was satisfied.  She learned everything she needed to know.

At 1 pm, we were at the camp, 240 km away from the teleport, and 1200 km away from Nathanberg.  At the core of the Kadj Jong (Dragon land) continent. The largest landmass of Kadjar.

When we arrived at the camp we were put into a guest yurt.  A yurt is a round wooden structure. First used by sheep herding tribes back on Terra.  Originally the outside was covered by sheep wool. Here they use dragon skins.

Inside our yurt we had no furniture, so we used the sleeping bags.  The camp had generator working on dragon dung, and a Wi – Fi router in each yurt.

The Green Planet. Best City on Diatama.

In just one year, the planet’s landscape was completely transformed. Where I saw barren ground, was young green forest. We have created ourselves a lush green ecosystem both inside the city and around it. Furthermore, all the land beyond the Ant mounts, was also covered in plant life.

These lands were also populated by animals. Dzimangas have imported multiple species of insects, spiders, and other invertebrates. The vertebrate populations were introduced in year 2. Lizards and frogs were the first to arrive.

The wild mammals and birds appeared in year 3. They have brought deer, bears, wolves, and bobcats. Dragons were a big no-no, since they got giant ants extinct back on Kadjar.

The Emperor’s plan for planet development left 55% of the planet land mass outside of cities and kingdoms. Those lands beyond the Ant mounts, were supposed to be left in their natural state forever.

I have questioned Dua about my right to enter those vast natural preserves, and he told me that only the Ant King council decides on visitation of nature reserves. I have contacted the King of Emma and he told me that the land is open to visitation, but one can’t stay in one spot for more than two days, cannot hunt the wildlife or build any permanent structures on this land.

Furthermore, he told me, the council decided to allow tour groups consisting of up to 50 individuals to visit anywhere. But they should have their own means of getting there. And the entire trip must be less than 10 days long.

“How could we get there without flying?” I asked the ant king. No dragons were brought over to this planet, and no city had enough land for dragon farming.

“You could ride on the backs of the worker ants. You get a vehicle, a tour guide, and a beast of burden all in one animal.” the ant king was very open about exploiting his numerous children. But, then again, they all were paid to do this work.

“Can a group of humanoids go to the wilderness without the guidance of the ants?” I wanted to clarify that point. I might want to get away from the crowd.

“There are no laws against that. But they must have their own transportation.” He answered. His explanation stank so much that I had to leave the room. It’s impossible to have a long conversation with an ant. The room gets over filled with pheromones. My nose gets overwhelmed with smells and I have to leave the room.

Cities and kingdoms were free to administer the lands Dzimangas transferred to them in any way we wanted.

I have talked Leya into creating an outdoors adventure park on the border with the Farkle Kingdom.  It was named Jafar’s Journeyand includes an obstacle course, a labyrinth where ants scare people, and whole town of tree houses each containing a special adventure.  I have received countless thank you emails from all the cool kids of town, as well some crazy tourists. They called this place the coolest spot on the planet.

At the ant side of the border they built their own adventure park, complete with a pipe labyrinth hanging 20 meters off the ground. Right next to the rotating room where every floor is a mirror.

On the river bank Leya built a boring park for moms with baby carriages. On the bright side it includes a skateboarding ramp and a petting zoo.

At the other side of the river, stands a completely wild forest. There was no need to develop every single spot on the city map. Sakuradzima Nua itself has forest strip along the border with Emma. And beyond that strip we planted fruit gardens stretching all the way from the Miranda lake to the spaceport in the north and from border tripoint to the Zonga building in the south.