Kadjar Planet of Happiness: space fantasy novel.

Kadjar Planet of Happiness: space fantasy novel.


Kadjar Planet of Happiness the novel I have written

My mom woke me up, when we landed at Kadjar Central Space Port.  Her strong hands shook my body like I was bag of milk.  My eyes opened and saw around.  I stood up from my bed, which quickly morphed back into a seat.  I went into the aisle and summoned my bag.  It detached from the ceiling and took position above my head.  Mom woke Malik and Rosa up, they stood up, and beds turned into seats.  I looked around, and I saw beds morphing into seats all across the floor.

The door opened and we went into the Space Port Terminal.  The sun of the new world shone through the glass walls.  Right in front of the gate stood a row of wrist scanners attached to glass doors.  Behind them was my new life.  I put my wrist into a scanner, and it glowed green.  That meant I was allowed to enter. I heard a legend that scanners can glow red, and the people die on the spot.   What a stupid fable, scanners always glow green.  The door opened, and I stepped into the shopping district.  My god, this place was a city.  There were shops selling everything from communicators to pet unicorns.  According to legends shops had people selling things in the olden days.  What a waste of time, all you need a wrist scanner at the exit.

I took hands of Mom on the right and Rosa on the left.  To the right of mom stood Malik.  To the left of Rosa were dad and Leff.  We were fresh from sleep and full of optimism. With this mood, we moved forward into Kadjar.

Spaceport was filled with people of all shapes and sizes.  I saw humans of every possible shade, from pitch black to marble white.  I saw grey skinned blue haired Ostartes, a species divided into two groups which have nothing in common.  Alphers and Zahuris.   “The Perfect Ones “and “The Instructors “, the words are more precise than that, but human speech can’t express highly complex meanings of Calpuri language.  Alpher actually means, “The pinnacle of perfection, which cannot be exceeded or improved”, and Zahuri means “The one who teaches meaning of life “.  One cannot study history without learning Calpuri.

I brought my mind back into the present.  To my left I saw Orks in all shades of green, blue, red, and yellow.  They wore clothing the color of their skin, and that looked confusing, they were so colorful my eyes hurt from looking at them.  To the left of me were goblins, smaller and more agile versions of Orks, all of which had green skin, and gray business suits.  The people in the crowd around us had hair colors ranging from red to green.  Some had hair flowing down to their feet, others had no hair at all.

Announcements were made in all the languages of the empire, they first told them in Kadjari, and then in the language of the world where the space ship is going.  For most destinations it was Common Tongue, though a bunch of other languages were used as well.  For the announcers, every passenger was a Mr.   They didn’t see any females in the crowd.  There were thousands of females and no female toilets! When I asked a man where I could go, he said I could use any lavatory. This place is totally weird.

The space port had restaurants serving dragon meat and fried lizards.  We walked around for an hour before we found anything edible.  But, we did have our breakfast in a very nice Terran Restaurant.  We ate omelets and drunk orange juice the way people do on Terra.  For an Ork couple next to us that was exotic cuisine.



Public engagement is the key.

Whether  we are talking about a sports game, a political campaign, or any other event that involves a group of people. There is one route to success.

Public participation. The people must partake in the event in order for it to be successful. They should feel like they matter for the enterprise, because they really do. Nothing will work without public participation.

The game must be about the audience as much as it is about the players. The crowd must make noise, boo, and shout to support their team, and intimidate the opponents.

If the crowd is not engaged, than the teams are playing for no one, and that would kill the morale.

In the political campaigns, if the people do not partake in the events, than the leaders reach the end of their careers. They must feel the support of the crowd, other wise they are done for.

There fore it is always important to have your audience engaged with what you are doing. If you managed to do so, then you are going to be successful, popular and famous. If not, people won’t bother to know your name.

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Do you like your aliens with Blue Hair?


I am making an announcement. I am a writer.

I have published one Science Fiction Novel.

And I am currently working on another one.

I am a Kazakhstani, but I am writing in English, which is my second language.

My writings are set in the Milky Way galaxy thousands of years into the future.

The humans have survived the climate change with the assistance of an alien race which gave them advanced technology. Together with the blue haired Zahuris, the humans built an Empire which spans across half of the galaxy.

The empire gave the humanity and other species multiple thousands of years of prosperity.

The novels do not tell the big story, but instead focus on the lives of the individuals living in this setting.  I write entirely in POVs

My first book is about a girl from Holy Terra who have moved to the world of Kadjar with her family. There she turns into a different person, she even changes gender identity.

Here is a link to my book – “Kadjar Planet of Happiness”

It has become difficult to write science fiction.

It is difficult to write about future technology nowadays. Quite a lot of fascinating devices are real already.

You can not bedazzle people with wireless communication, this is already used by almost everyone.

No one is surprised by pocket computers. You can get one for hundred bucks.

Electric cars are already on the market, and most people are aware that those are real. And they are more widespread  and numerous than they have ever been before. Moreover some of the cars already drive themselves nowadays. Self driving cars are real, the only thing stopping them from being on the market, are the legal concerns. However, it seems like they will get full clearance in a couple of years.

And once the self driving cars get the clearance nothing stops them from learning to fly. The flying cars have been built since 1917,some of prototypes have flown. All of them have crashed, due to pilot error. So, with pilots out of the way, nothing stops them from becoming commonplace within 20 years.

It is impossible to conjure up a scientifically plausible device or process, without it already being real. Therefore hard science fiction, is no longer fictional.

There fore to stay fictional, science fiction must be about aliens, time machines, and faster then light travel. Otherwise, it will turn turn into regular fiction, set in totally real world.

Phineas and Ferb is the best cartoon ever.

The Disney show “Phineas and Ferb” was the best cartoon show ever created. It was very funny, and very smart in the same time. None of the characters was shown to be dumb, and the humor was thoughtful. The creators of this show did not just rely on toilet humor and idiotic situations. They have put a lot of thought in every single joke in each and every episode.

The plot of each episode was repetitive, however the viewers never got tired of it. Moreover the repetitive plot became a joke on the show itself.

The show actually incorporates 3 plot lines in some of the episodes.  The story of Phineas and Ferb building a crazy contraption in the backyard. There sister Candace trying to impress her boyfriend Jeremy, and the house pet Perry the platypus is fighting the card carrying evil scientist Heinz Doofensmirtz.

All the plots are intertwined and tend to affect one another.  Most of the time, the failure of Doofensmirtz plan makes the contraptions in the back yard disappear. Also Candace is divided between her passion for Jeremy and her desire to bust the boys.

This makes the show super interesting to watch. The complex interplay of the plot lines, intelligent humor and endearing characters make it perfect fit for nerds of all ages and backgrounds.

In short, “Phineas and Ferb” is the best show ever created.


Return to Homeland

Next Sunday I will graduate from Hofstra University with a bachelor degree in Sustainability studies. Right after that I will be going home to Kazakhstan for the summer. I will spend the summer with my family in the beautiful city of Almaty. There I will post more frequently, about the situation in Kazakhstan and the life of the city. There is also a chance, that I will visit the World Expo 2017, in Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan. The theme of the Expo will be renewable Energy, and green technologies.  It would be a global showcase of latest developments in the Wind Power Generation, Solar Power Generation, Energy storage, and Energy efficiency. For Kazakhstan it would be the main event of the year, as the country hopes to attract the attention of Global media, and present itself as a progressive nature friendly country.

The theme  of the Expo is directly related to what I have been studying at Hofstra for the last 4 years. It will only be fitting to go see the newest achievements in Wind, and Solar generation technology, after learning about Wind and Solar energy in class.

I will also be teaching, right after I get my University Degree. I will work in the summer camp for part of the summer, teaching English to school children. The camp is in the mountains near  Almaty. Besides teaching English I will go hiking, and may be even have an overnight trip to the wild.

The Summer camp decided to turn into an English teaching institution due to the fact , that Kazakhstan is transferring to the trilingual education.

Let’s go back to America where I am finishing my last semester as an Undergraduate student. Here is a slide show of images related to my Graduation. Those are pictures I made in the last two days.

I am going to leave Hofstra forever, since I will not be coming here for the Masters program. Instead I will go Clark University,  where I will study Environmental Science and Policy.  That is a kind of degree no college offers in Kazakhstan. It will be very hard to explain my relatives what my Master’s program is all about.  I will tell them that it has to do with study of the natural environment and human interactions with it, as well as the laws regarding nature protection.

Honestly, my major at Hofstra was even harder to explain. Sustainability, no one in Kazakhstan has really heard of such concept, at least no one even took courses in that. In Kazakhstan universities majors are tailored to specific occupations, such as “Geologist” or “Electrical Engineer”, there is no room for vague majors such as “Sustainability Studies” or “Environmental Science”.My first major was Environmental Resources, the idea behind it, was to learn what resources are available and how to effectively Manage them. The major I graduated with is “Sustainability Studies”. It does sound vague and esoteric. However,  I did manage to explain my parents that Sustainability Studies is about learning how to live without destroying the planet, and making sure that we do not run out of resources.

Well the field of Sustainability is brand new, this wave did not reach Kazakhstan yet. It has only been around since 1970-ies, and did not become a big deal the 21st century. Actually many people in the United States are still unaware about the concept  of sustainability. The topic of this  major is hard to explain not only to old people, but also to some students on Hofstra campus. Hofstra Sustainability studies program was only established in 2013, the same year I came to Hofstra. To this day not a lot of students are aware of the sustainability program, and there are less than 50 Sustainability majors on the campus with 11 thousand students. That is counting both Undergraduate and Graduate Students. The Masters Program in Sustainability studies was established only two years ago, and this year  Hofstra has one student graduating with this degree.Well, that’s one more person than the whole nation of Kazakhstan.

In the future it will off course change. The notion of Sustainable development, will cease to be a novel idea, and will become understood throughout society both in Kazakhstan and the United States, and also in other countries around the World.People will become more conscious about the Environmental impact of their decisions, and change their lifestyles.  The courses in Sustainability and Environmental Science will be taught in colleges throughout the world. Not only in Liberal leaning western institutions. I hope that these concept will enter the high school curriculum as well, even those who do not pursue majors in Sustainability should be aware of the current Environmental Issues.

Personally I am going to miss Hofstra a lot. The instructors here have been very helpful and understanding, and I have found friends among the students. It is the place which I want to visit again in the future.The campus is a beautiful site, where one can find great diversity of plants and some modern art sculptures. Here is a footage of the Sculptures outside of the University Student Center.