The Council Lottery

It was a regular day, here in VaiJong.  People of the 28 towers were taking care of business. Building reactors for the Imperial Mother Ships,  assembling space mining robots, and the planting trees into the pots.

However there was still excitement in the air. It was the day VaiJong got a whole new administration.  Every year on the first day right after the New Years eve, every adult resident gets an email. An email with results of the lottery.

Rita woke up very early to check whether he won a seat in the council. He hoped for a position in the tower council. That would allow him to have a say about what his children study in school, and the common room behavior rules. He wanted to have a voice in the government of Vai Jong.

When he did check his email, he didn’t believe what he saw. He won a seat in the Supreme  Council. He became one of 800 people, who decide on trade deals and immigration quotas among other things.

All his partners congratulated him. Ikas hugged him. Neo told him he will take his shift for a year. Genti offered to guide him to the Council Meeting room. And Hannah   wished Rita to have a productive year. They all told him, that he will be fine as a council member.

Then Ivati  and Luana came up to him, and sung the national anthem. After that Ikas guided them to kindergarten. It’s just two doors down the corridor. But it’s quite a journey for 22 years old.

Genti guided Rita to the teleport and together they travelled to tower A, floor 1620.

There was a huge crowd of people. All the new council members, all the old council members and all their friends. The place was packed with people.

There Rita met with Egan Dzimani, a council member from last year.

“Hello Mr. Dzimani” Rita greeted him, “How do I go into the council meeting room?”, Rita asked.

“It’s 3 doors to the left, right next to the Dzimanga Vai Jong office”, Egan explained.

“Thank you” ,Rita went to the council room. Egan went with him.

They passed near, “Dzimanga VaiJong” headquarters and stopped at the glass door. It was open, but there was something to be done.

Rita scanned his wrist. That’s how he got instructions on his tree planting job.

“Welcome Councilman Nadzima” , said electronic voice- “Your seat is 155, today on the agenda, formation of committees  and electing the head of council”

Rita entered the room and took his seat at the table. Genti told him quick good byes and headed back home.

When he entered only half of the seats on the long crescent shaped people was occupied. Many of the councilmen didn’t even bother to put on their clothes. They were chatting and getting to know each other.

20minutes later every seat was taken. The council was ready to begin work.

At first, there was a presentation by the previous council members on the current state of affairs.  For that 5 men went to the stage and gave a lecture.

After the other 4 left, Egan explained the duties of the council, to the new people.

He told them that the council must communicate with the Imperial Government, make sure that the people of Vai Jong follow the laws of Imperial Scripture, strengthen the trade links with the other worlds of the galaxy, and manage the Immigration policy to increase the number and the prosperity of VaiJong residents.

After giving an explanation of how the council should function he left the room.

Then Samanta Zonga, Zahuri councilman from tower D, proposed voting to elect the head of the council. He also proposed himself for the job. He was a combat veteran who spent years fighting Calpuris in the periphery.

After that 2 humans, and 3 goblins did the same. Then they had a few rounds of voting. That was done by pressing buttons, on the voting machine.

Rita supported Samanta all the way through. In each round a candidate with least votes was eliminated.  So, when the council voted for the 5th time in half and hour, Samanta was up against Patrick Lin, ice cream seller, whose main plus, was the fact he visited Calpurnia soon after the victory. The others had even less authority. Jason Rock was a ship builder, Jaden Ross was a college student, and the goblins were jewelry experts.

One has to get 401 votes to win. Rita sided with Samanta,and gave him that last vote. Patrick got chairmanship over tourism committee. Rita was handed the post of the environment chair.

Then the committee members were selected. Rita scrolled through the list of members and picked the ones he thought capable.

No other committees got formed today. Samanta had them dismissed. They had office space to pick.

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