Do you like your aliens with Blue Hair?


I am making an announcement. I am a writer.

I have published one Science Fiction Novel.

And I am currently working on another one.

I am a Kazakhstani, but I am writing in English, which is my second language.

My writings are set in the Milky Way galaxy thousands of years into the future.

The humans have survived the climate change with the assistance of an alien race which gave them advanced technology. Together with the blue haired Zahuris, the humans built an Empire which spans across half of the galaxy.

The empire gave the humanity and other species multiple thousands of years of prosperity.

The novels do not tell the big story, but instead focus on the lives of the individuals living in this setting.  I write entirely in POVs

My first book is about a girl from Holy Terra who have moved to the world of Kadjar with her family. There she turns into a different person, she even changes gender identity.

Here is a link to my book – “Kadjar Planet of Happiness”

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