The Campus is Blooming.

Here at Hofstra University the weather hot and sunny. The birds are singing and the flowers are blooming. Most of the trees have their leaves on, and the others will have them before the middle of May.

Hofstra is teeming with life, we have several species of singing birds living here. We also have squirrels, crows,  and cats living on campus grounds, peacefully coexisting with eleven thousand students.  Some students live on campus while others commute. I live on campus and today I shot a video of how the plants look in front of my residence hall.

The Campus flora includes more than 30 species of trees, as well as numerous varieties  of tulips. These flowers remind me of Almaty,  where city government plants them in parks and along the streets.  This makes my hometown quite a sight during the summer. But, the similarity ends here, since Almaty is in the middle of Eurasia right next to a mountain range, while Hofstra is on the Atlantic Coast of  North America.

The warm weather and the beauty of plants create an atmosphere of delight, making students  less stressed about the coming finals. Students have taken off their winter clothes, and are free to walk around in T-shirts and shorts.  No one is complaining about feeling cold anymore, and no one here will until October.  The warm days are here and it will be warm until the end of the semester.

The campus is always most beautiful right at the end of the spring semester.  This is unfair, for most of  the school year  it is cold with rain and snow. But, one can regard that as a reward for surviving the winds that bring the cold inside  your bones. The memories of that experience make you appreciate the heat of the summer. The grim landscape of February, makes you cherish the blossom of May.  And workload of the school year, makes you appreciate the freedom of the Summer.

The end of the school year is fast approaching. At this time students worry about the finals, and look forward towards the summer. They work on their final papers and projects, and catch up with the work they missed. Everyone envisions leaving the campus and spending the summer with their families.  Most people already have plans for the coming vacation. I  will go home to Kazakhstan,  and be done with Hofstra,  four weeks from now.



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