The Plants have started to awaken.

Here are some photos of plants, I took at Hofstra University, where I have been studying for the last 4 years.  The school is located, in Nassau County, New York State, United States of America. Photos were taken on April 1st 2017.

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There are real reasons for good mood and optimism.Here at Hofstra University, the plants have started to awaken. The snow has melted away,  and the air has been warmer than 5 degrees Celsius, for the last entire week.  The winter has finally gone away, and you can expect no snow  until November.  Soon the air will become warmer and the campus will be covered with blooming flowers. The campus is going to be beautiful,  and the students will want to be outside. People will be playing Ultimate Frisbee,  and  soccer matches will be held.

Some plants have awakened to resume their growth, and start flowering. Yes, the flowers are still rare, and most trees still have no twigs. Still,we see that the grass has started to grow again, and some bushes are covered with flowers.  This was not the case when I came back from Spring break, those changes occurred, in the last week of March,The cherry tree near the entrance to the student center has pink flowers as well.

That cherry tree also has bare twigs, I see no leaves on that tree. This looks weird. Especially if you know that the tree feeds itself using  green leaves. The bark can not photosynthesize, and yet there are flowers present, in the absence of leaves. However this situation won’t be for long, the leaves will be there,  that tree like all the trees in the slide show, will look totally different two weeks from now. That added green will make the entire campus look better and more alive.

In fact every landscape looks better with more leaves and flowers. Which is why all those trees and flowers were planted on Hofstra’s campus in the first place. Their presence makes the campus beautiful. When the flowers are in bloom they have the power to improve the mood of whomever looks at them. Their effect won’t enough to cure stress over the finals, but they do make student life feel less miserable.

Another reason so many trees should be on our campus, is because the presence of trees makes the air cleaner, and this makes people healthier.   The absence of trees allows more pollutants to accumulate in the atmosphere. From there they enter human lungs, where they cause health problems , especcially asthma.

So plants are important part of our environment , and of the Hofstra campus.















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