Fitness for Everyone.

Fitness for Everyone.


Image Author-Chun Kit To.

The Mayor of Astana  Aset Isekeshev stated that it would be a good idea to create a city wide network of affordable fitness clubs. He got this thought after one Russian businessman. The businessmen’s name is Tichon Kosych,  and his strategy is to open new locations in the residential neighborhoods, and have them operate with out swimming pools and with maximum automation, so that he does not have to pay wages. Tichon also told the Mayor, that in order to save money some locations were opened in big malls with high ceilings and free underground parking spaces. All these savings allow Mr. Kosych to provide his clients access to most advanced fitness equipment with membership cost of only 1500Russian Rubles per month (circa 25USD).

After hearing this Isekeshev got inspired and stated that in his Facebook wall:That’s a wonderful idea, we should launch a similar project in Astana, “Affordable Fitness for Everyone”.

Meanwhile the average fitness club membership fee in Astana is 70-80 thousand Kazakhstan Tenge per month(about 200 USD). So he is proposing to create a network of gyms that would charge 8times less! I don’t think that the owners of established fitness clubs like this idea.




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