My country is in a way run by women. Despite being a Muslim majority country. Kazakhstan has more women than men,  working for it’s government. In fact the share of females at decision making positions have increased to 56% in the last 3 years. In 2014 we had 34 women in political offices, 39 in 2015, and 43 in 2016.

Overall our bureaucracy is 55.5% female. Which is weird for a Muslim country in Asia.

That’s in complete dissonance with the fact that brides are still being kidnapped in this country.  Today in the center of Almaty several young men were caught putting a girl into into a Toyota. In the middle of the day in the biggest city of the country!! Yes, it is 21st century, in a country where females dominate the bureaucracy. It also happens in the northern city of Pavlodar.


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