Bankrupt metropolis.

The president of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev, told the governor of South Kazakhstan province to turn city of Shymkent, into a place with more than million people.That would be our third million city, after  Almaty and Astana.

President stated that the region is dependent on subsidies from central government, and the tax revenues from the region are low, despite being most populated province in the country. A lot of people in the region are either unemployed or self-employed. So the president ordered the regional government to promote small and mid-sized businesses. That measure is supposed to stop the massive outflow of people from the region.


Meanwhile, the mayor of Shymkent,  had to explain the people of a struggling Kaynarbulak neighborhood that city does not have infinite funds., where 9thousand houses lose their electricity supply 5 times a day, they don’t have flowing water. Lamp posts and sidewalks don’t exist in the area, where 51thousands people live. Kaynarbulak was part of Shymkent since 2014.

He compared demands of neighborhoods for road repairs,  natural gas, electricity,  and bus service to kids asking parents for new clothing. The city only has funds to fix problems street by street, neighborhood by neighborhood. /

That same mayor, stated that city’s public transport is a shame. He realized the necessity of making buses run specific routes, and follow schedule!





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