The Council Lottery

It was a regular day, here in VaiJong.  People of the 28 towers were taking care of business. Building reactors for the Imperial Mother Ships,  assembling space mining robots, and the planting trees into the pots.

However there was still excitement in the air. It was the day VaiJong got a whole new administration.  Every year on the first day right after the New Years eve, every adult resident gets an email. An email with results of the lottery.

Rita woke up very early to check whether he won a seat in the council. He hoped for a position in the tower council. That would allow him to have a say about what his children study in school, and the common room behavior rules. He wanted to have a voice in the government of Vai Jong.

When he did check his email, he didn’t believe what he saw. He won a seat in the Supreme  Council. He became one of 800 people, who decide on trade deals and immigration quotas among other things.

All his partners congratulated him. Ikas hugged him. Neo told him he will take his shift for a year. Genti offered to guide him to the Council Meeting room. And Hannah   wished Rita to have a productive year. They all told him, that he will be fine as a council member.

Then Ivati  and Luana came up to him, and sung the national anthem. After that Ikas guided them to kindergarten. It’s just two doors down the corridor. But it’s quite a journey for 22 years old.

Genti guided Rita to the teleport and together they travelled to tower A, floor 1620.

There was a huge crowd of people. All the new council members, all the old council members and all their friends. The place was packed with people.

There Rita met with Egan Dzimani, a council member from last year.

“Hello Mr. Dzimani” Rita greeted him, “How do I go into the council meeting room?”, Rita asked.

“It’s 3 doors to the left, right next to the Dzimanga Vai Jong office”, Egan explained.

“Thank you” ,Rita went to the council room. Egan went with him.

They passed near, “Dzimanga VaiJong” headquarters and stopped at the glass door. It was open, but there was something to be done.

Rita scanned his wrist. That’s how he got instructions on his tree planting job.

“Welcome Councilman Nadzima” , said electronic voice- “Your seat is 155, today on the agenda, formation of committees  and electing the head of council”

Rita entered the room and took his seat at the table. Genti told him quick good byes and headed back home.

When he entered only half of the seats on the long crescent shaped people was occupied. Many of the councilmen didn’t even bother to put on their clothes. They were chatting and getting to know each other.

20minutes later every seat was taken. The council was ready to begin work.

At first, there was a presentation by the previous council members on the current state of affairs.  For that 5 men went to the stage and gave a lecture.

After the other 4 left, Egan explained the duties of the council, to the new people.

He told them that the council must communicate with the Imperial Government, make sure that the people of Vai Jong follow the laws of Imperial Scripture, strengthen the trade links with the other worlds of the galaxy, and manage the Immigration policy to increase the number and the prosperity of VaiJong residents.

After giving an explanation of how the council should function he left the room.

Then Samanta Zonga, Zahuri councilman from tower D, proposed voting to elect the head of the council. He also proposed himself for the job. He was a combat veteran who spent years fighting Calpuris in the periphery.

After that 2 humans, and 3 goblins did the same. Then they had a few rounds of voting. That was done by pressing buttons, on the voting machine.

Rita supported Samanta all the way through. In each round a candidate with least votes was eliminated.  So, when the council voted for the 5th time in half and hour, Samanta was up against Patrick Lin, ice cream seller, whose main plus, was the fact he visited Calpurnia soon after the victory. The others had even less authority. Jason Rock was a ship builder, Jaden Ross was a college student, and the goblins were jewelry experts.

One has to get 401 votes to win. Rita sided with Samanta,and gave him that last vote. Patrick got chairmanship over tourism committee. Rita was handed the post of the environment chair.

Then the committee members were selected. Rita scrolled through the list of members and picked the ones he thought capable.

No other committees got formed today. Samanta had them dismissed. They had office space to pick.





Do you like your aliens with Blue Hair?


I am making an announcement. I am a writer.

I have published one Science Fiction Novel.

And I am currently working on another one.

I am a Kazakhstani, but I am writing in English, which is my second language.

My writings are set in the Milky Way galaxy thousands of years into the future.

The humans have survived the climate change with the assistance of an alien race which gave them advanced technology. Together with the blue haired Zahuris, the humans built an Empire which spans across half of the galaxy.

The empire gave the humanity and other species multiple thousands of years of prosperity.

The novels do not tell the big story, but instead focus on the lives of the individuals living in this setting.  I write entirely in POVs

My first book is about a girl from Holy Terra who have moved to the world of Kadjar with her family. There she turns into a different person, she even changes gender identity.

Here is a link to my book – “Kadjar Planet of Happiness”

Rita and a Scum bum.

I was going home from school, when I saw a red blood in black dirty clothes. He looked like a Rimmatian type trying to stand out. He sat on the bench immersed in some thought.

“Hey scum, it’s illegal to look like that here!”,  I shouted at him in Common Tongue.

He got up and stood in front of me. I started to take my glove off. No cameras here yet, he could be dealt with in a minute. A group of red blood children sat under the tree, humans to be precise. They were smart enough to run when I placed my gloves into my pockets.

“Get away from me! “-He didn’t run. That had me puzzled. – “Do you want to die?”-I asked him.

“I have nothing to live for. I have lost my battle”, He told me to kill him.

“If I touch you I wouldn’t live with it. “- I told him I couldn’t do that for him. I  dropped onto my knees. Stopping on the edge of the sidewalk.

“You are weak just like I was.” – The man was crying outloud. – “I can’t even die right”, he complained.

“You don’t have to die. I think I can help you” , I promised him assistance and started taking my gloves out of my pockets. -” Don’t try to touch me, I can’t carry you all the way to the incenirator…and if you die right here they will put you into organic waste”,I pleaded to him not to end his life. Then I finished putting on my gloves and stood up.

“You are one hell of a creep. “– He took a step away from me.

“I only checked if your life has any value. If it doesn’t you can touch my face.”- I was scaring him into action. I wanted to see if he is ready to die.

“I think I could do something different this time.”- The bum changed his mind.He was in need of help.

“If you do, you will need different clothes. And wash yourself you smell like hell”-  I gave him some good starting tips. I don’t want him to end up as a bag of fertilizer. He looks like a good man.

“First I need to find my house” – He had a better idea than I. I thought Zahuris are always smarter. Maybe I am too young of a child.

“Where do you live?” – I wanted to see where such a stink bag could live. It must be a challenge to hide in my forest.

“I don’t know, I don’t remember. ” -He was totally homeless. That’s either a random placement or a death sentence. I had a better plan than that.

“Come on, I will give you to some good family”-I told him, he would have a home. I did have a couple of options for his placement.I guided him into the Rimmatian neighborhood. The man went close behind me.

We went down towards the Ant River. As we walked we became surrounded by brightly colored high-rises,and bushes and trees. The man was totally out of place, and the passers by stopped to look at him. Still, they trusted me enough not  to call the police.

“What’s your name blue head?” – He asked. Maybe he wanted to remember this meeting.

“Rita. Rita Nadzima.”, I replied looking him straight into the eyes. I won’t avoid trouble if I am not intimidating, that’s how I deal with crazy humans. They act different after looking into my bright yellow eyeballs.

“Your people took our land from my people”- The scum bum shouted at me. Wow! That man was angry at our forest expansion efforts. Planets need the trees to be alive. How, could he be hurt by that.

“Where?” –  I asked him for specifics. I had to know which uncle to contact.

” On Rimmat “- he paused -“The edge of royal domain.” – He spitted out the words, like was pissed off at them, He was in visible pain.

“How did you get here? “, I had to know how did he cross all that distance. More importantly how he passed through the spaceport scanners.

” I was captured”. Now, I understood, he rode here in the freight compartment of a Zonga supply ship.  From his look it was a traumatic experience.

“Fool. Be glad that you weren’t grinded into dust “.I tried to remind him that he is still alive, and not all is lost.

“I would prefer that to being in prison “.He yelled at me. Like I had anything to do with it.

“You are not in prison. You on the street”. I tried to reason with him. It would be too bad if I had to kill him. That would be world shattering.

“I was sent here for negotiations. “That didn’t clear anything. I had no time to clarify, we were close to my destination.

We have left the street and went into the yard. It was surrounded by the 5 high rise buildings.

-Tell you what, I will give you to the first man we meet at the yard. – I was sure as hell, who that man would be. Other wise I would hand him over to Zongas.

-Am I a slave now? – He was ready to accept his face, what ever it was.

-No silly, you are a homework assignment. – He was a project, I was going to assign. We Zahuris must help humans find meaning in their little lives.

We went a little deeper into the yard. I saw a familiar figure sitting on the bench.

“Hey, it’s lonely Bertha!” –  I greeted a man dressed in yellow . Bertha was long in need for a partner.I jumped of joy, when I thought of the possibilities.

“What, do you want Rita” –  He wasn’t glad to see me. He is never glad to see anyone.

” I am not here to annoy you, I promise” – I followed the path until I got close to her. The man followed me while looking on his feet.

I waited until he got closer. Just stood like a doll trying not to breath.

“Here is my present to you”- I pointed at the dirt man and his lifeless sunken face.

Bertha looked up from his flowers. His face got brighter. Finally his streak of loneliness was broken.

“I am Walden” – The man gave us his name. –  “You miss may call me, whatever you want. It’s not like my life has meaning.”- Walden addressed Bertha like he was his master.

“It will now.” -I  delivered on my promise.

– “I remember this name.” – Bertha switched to Rimmatian. – “Are you from Bedan?”

– “I think I am.”- He replied in their native tongue

-“Do you want anything in return.”- Bertha took the man’s hand and turned to me.

-“I want him to be a civilized man”- That was an assignment. One he couldn’t fail, if he wants to live here.

I have left them alone  and went straight home.

Adulthood at 90.

photo of three pineapples surrounded by balloons
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This day has finally come! I can’t believe that I fell asleep a child and woke up an adult. I stood up from my bed and run downstairs. Good thing we didn’t invite any red bloods otherwise I would have to shower.

Kogan said that it’s ok for me to smell natural today. Just like every day.  He told me that it would come in handy for a special event tonight. It was something I have been told about in family planning class I have to take this year. But, that’s not the most important event of today. What is important is that I am 90 years old and can finally move in with my boyfriend. Before today I couldn’t even look for apartments.

During breakfast my whole family congratulated me. Kogan sang “Happy Birthday” and gave me a diamond diadem. Nonta gave me a hug and gifted me a pair of leggings.  That was followed by big very filling breakfast of pancakes, nut paste and berries.

Then I greeted the guests, 22 Nadzimas and 5 Dzimanga children. My whole class came here to congratulate me. Together we went downstairs to play some games.  I turned on the screen on one of the walls. I suddenly had many more options than I did yesterday.  Toni told me that’s because, I am an adult now. He also told me that, the adult games won’t play with kids in the audience.

I decided to check out the new movies on my own. I have turned on “Glory of Valor” and the room transformed itself into the desert battlefield. That’s the coolest game, I could play for hours on end. We got ourselves some weapons and proceeded to fight against the army of monsters. Hands, legs and other body appendages flew into the air as we utilized our oak-germanium swords. I and my boyfriend fought next to each-other, and admired each other’s skills. He moves like a champion. He says I do to. He also said that I move pretty swift for an ancient. I reminded him he is a whole month older. He laughed.

Three hours later we all were out of the game. That’s what happens if the monster kills you. My boyfriend Ikas fell on top of me when I was too busy climbing a rock. That caused us to die in the game and wake up lying on the floor. The game was awesome, and the ending was painful. Yikes he is heavy. But he is mine.

“Game Over” was heard all over the room. We had to pick ourselves up and leave the game room.   It was time to have celebratory lunch. During lunch, I and Ikas started to talk about our lives. He told me that he was accepted to the Microbiology program of the Sakuradzima Nua university.

In turn I informed everyone that I am going there for a Masters in Forest management. There was a round of applause. I was joining the family business, it was the only path to go.

When I had my fill of food and congratulations, I guided Ikas outside. We took our bikes and rode around the city. Others followed suit. I was fully dressed, with obligatory white gloves. I don’t want father to pay anymore fines for that.

We rode around lake Miranda and then through our forest properties. Then a quick ride home via Gagarin boulevard.

After that Ikas and I had our special thing.

Imperial Scripture. Book of Life. Chapter 1. Cassandra Dzimani (sister of Kavu the preacher). Part 4. ending.

Imperial Scripture. Book of Life. Chapter 1. Cassandra Dzimani (sister of Kavu the preacher). Part 1.

No preacher would convince people of the Emperor’s greatness if the empire’s wealth was not managed correctly.  The path of treasurer was shone upon by Galdan Tzo.  A person who took interests of his clients above his own.  He managed accounts for thousands of people, and everyone received every last penny of their stock dividends.  Furthermore, he managed to make such payments increase over time, and still have free funds for construction projects making sure that no wealth and space was left unmanaged and everyone got what was needed.  According to Galdan, no one should ever have more than what is needed.  Hence, no one in the Empire is allowed to have savings and every worker gets the annual wage, which has to be spent by the end of the planetary year.  The more important a person’s role in society the more the person is paid so people are motivated to climb the corporate ladder.  However, there is no way for anyone to get filthy rich.   All accounts, personal, corporate, and government are reset to zero at new year.  The path of treasurer, involves accounting, management and the protection of the immense imperial wealth, be it in the government, corporate or private property.  Those who follow the path work to make sure that future generations inherit more wealth than their ancestors.   The professions for those people include accountant, Chief Financial Officer, taxation manager, mayor, governor.

The twelve paths allow their followers to realize their potential.  The Imperial government makes sure people take care all their needs: basic, physical, environmental and social.  It allows people to feed themselves.  Gives them adequate living quarters and clothing.  Gets laborers motivated to work.  Makes sure they are properly trained for their profession.  Creates the adequate environment to workers conduct their profession properly, which includes adequate space, light, air, temperature, moisture, gravity and sanitation.  It also allows them to have the social interactions that allow them to continue working such as having friends and family, a sex life if they are physically able to and physically require it as well as acceptance and respect from society in general.

Imperial Scripture. Book of Life. Chapter 1. Cassandra Dzimani (sister of Kavu the preacher). Part 3.

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Sometimes travelers get wounds which need to be healed.   Path of healer involves treating and preventing all kinds of physical and mental disorders in all existing species.  It is inspired by the life of the Veronica Pickeer.  She was a healer who saved her tribe through the basic principle:  Defeat the disease, by strengthening yourself.  This path requires constant work with the people in your community.  It means that you look for the ways to promote health and wellbeing of all living things.  Veronica’s followers spend their livesfinding cures to diseases and developing better treatment strategies.  They reconstruct the bodies of the wounded, and the minds of the deluded.  Their goal is to preserve and restore life.  Veronica’s contributions led to the decline of many diseases among humans and aliens.  Her example inspires the work of healthcare experts, medical practitioners and other healers across the galaxy.

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People can’t live healthy lives without having fun. That was the philosophy of George Sotras, the inspiration behind the path of fun boy.  The songs of George Sotras, were a fabulous blend of Human and Orkish styles.  The crowds for his concerts were so large that towns grew around his venues.  He inspired the movement out of the solar system, and made masses believe that nothing was impossible.  He improved trade, relationships and happiness throughout the galaxy making things perceived to be good thing, bad or a blend of both look fabulous.  His lifestyle involved heavy partying, singing, dancing, doing drugs, sexual intercourse for fun, playing games, gambling.  It also involved hard work of world famous singer.  His current followers work as singers, actors, and entertainers.   Thanks to them, folks can fill up their empty time with concerts, shows and movies.  People also listen to music to help them enjoy life and feel inspired.  It is surprising how people of all pursuits seem to take this path while in their respective careers although it on only beneficial for select groups such as actors, singers and other types of performers who don’t do their work just for sport.

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If you don’t work just for sport then, you want to get money.  Path of trader, is a path not only of a salesman or a businessperson but also the path of a thief or a visionary.  This way of life was exemplified by the life story of billionaire entrepreneur Jyurgen Waphu Hein.  Jyurgen W.  Hein was a visionary born to an evil bureaucrat father who criminalized poverty.  He saw his father suffer from his greed in the form of multiple attacks on his life and eventually succumbing from the drugs he took.  In response to his father’s demise Jyurgen decided to use his wealth for the betterment of people.  His investments into spacetech lead to establishment of first sustainable human settlements on the Moon (Luna).   His company built the first hotels, casinos, and restaurants outside Terra.   His followers are the people operating the enormous corporations serving all the ends of the Empire.  Thanks to them, a man can get a meal delivered to his doorstep in the middle of the night or become an experiment for dangerous world destroying weapons.  They have created the market places where people could buy any imaginable good for a reasonable price.  The profit seekers set up mines on the asteroids, then they invented the matter replicators.  Jyurgen cared deeply about his employees and provided his every worker an apartment.  His followers emulate his policies.  To house the employees, they built the city blocks, most of our people call home.

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People wouldn’t follow the Imperial faith, if there were no preachers.  The path of preacher implies teaching the universe the great faith of the emperor.  This path was named after the greatest of preachers.  Kavu Dzimani converted the entire planet of Leji into the imperial faith.  He preached to Zahuris, to Orks and to Goblins. He studied and found the keys to every soul and used the teachings from the wisdom of the emperor to convince them.  His followers people wrote libraries of textbooks and guides, explaining the imperial history, tradition, and religion. They answered every question people had about the faith of the Emperor.  They wrote the guidelines of how the teachings of each path apply in conditions of each individual world.  The preachers of today revere the legacy of Kavu Dzimani.  His speeches are still heard in religion classrooms.  His style for preaching is followed by scholars, teachers, philosophers, politicians, speech writers, public speakers, presenters, activists, and the like.

From Kadjar Planet of Happiness. Pictures from pexels.

Imperial Scripture. Book of Life. Chapter 1. Cassandra Dzimani (sister of Kavu the preacher). Part 2.

From Kadjar Planet of Happiness

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None of these workers would grow up and get a career, without their supportive families.  The path of family is about empowering and expanding the human race.  This path is for the people who genuinely care about the family values and would work to preserve them.   The great Darth Herohito himself followed this path.  Back in the 21st century of the ancient Terran calendar he started a movement which prevented the Earth from becoming the planet of the elderly and saved the human species.  The humanity of today, only exists because of his books, and speeches.  He has inspired the youth to be fruitful and multiply.  After solving this problem, he worked on improving the quality of the people.  Currently, his followers make sure that children know who their ancestors were and speak the language of the homeland.  They make sure families stay together and give birth to the correct number of children.  It is Herohito followers’ obligationhelp families to raise kids properly and prepare children to adulthood.  They work as matchmakers, family counselors, nannies, summer camp counselors, kindergarten teachers and even college professors.

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There isn’t anyone to educate, in the polluted wastelands of hell.  The path of wilderness was designed to prevent the extinction of life.  It was named after, the environmental activist Tarik Mal.  This humble man earned fame by protecting the forests around his native village.  He fought against the lumber companies and developers.   His tactics included blocking the roads, and campaigning on the internet.  Throughout his life, he planted trees and cleaned up the garbage produced by others.  During the great Terran resource shortage, he demonstrated that all the people on Terra could survive without the decadence of machines.   They only needed to look after their environment.  His life is an example for all followers of the wilderness path.  These people learn to love the wild world and be willing to risk everything to make sure it survives and flourishes.  They dedicate their lives to exploring the beauty of nature, nurturing it and protecting it.  This is the path that leads people to become nature park rangers, survivalists and environment ministry bureaucrats.  Those are the people working on preventing the wastes of civilization from polluting nature and making planets uninhabitable hence locking the empire out from making the most of its resources.

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If one wants to protect the nature, one must love to travel and explore.  The way of the traveler was based upon the life of Victoria Lambértti who worked as a Terran global civil servant.  She traveled everywhere with an open mind and dealt favorably with many peoples who held contrasting and tangential views.  Being her follower involves going to all the places you have never been before.  Taking this path means that you live for the thrill of travels and are always open for something new.  One must marvel at great cultural and linguistic diversity of the empire.  One can’t travel far, without keeping an open mind and being respectful to cultures beyond his own native land.  It is equally important to tell others all about your travels.   Thus, the people who follow the Path of Traveler keep the empire united, by visiting distant worlds and building friendships.  This path is often followed by envoys, diplomats, investigators, social workers, religious priests and many people who would typically follow other paths but chose to keep an open mind instead.

Imperial Scripture. Book of Life. Chapter 1. Cassandra Dzimani (sister of Kavu the preacher). Part 1.


From Kadjar Planet of Happiness:(pictures are from pexels)

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There are 12 paths approved by the Emperor, and one has to try all 12

Through his lifetime.  The paths are listed in order his Holiness, the God Emperor blessed them.  They include:  ( I )  the path of defense: Un Woo Kim,   ( II ) path of sportsmanship: Wey Lan Li,   ( III )  path of knowledge  :  Felix Gegen,   ( IV )  path of servitude:  Patrick Fang,  ( V )  path of family: Darth Herohito,   ( VI ) path of Wilderness: Tarik Mal,   ( VII )  Path of Traveler:  Victoria Lambértti,   ( VIII )  Path of Healer: Veronika Pickeer,   ( IX ) Path of Fun Boy: George Sotras,   ( X )  Path of Trader:  Jyurgen Hein,  ( XI )  Path of Preacher:  Kavu Dzimani ( Zahuri ) ,   ( XII )  Path of Treasurer: Galdan Tzo ( Goblin ) .  Each of the paths is its own way of life.  They were named after people who exemplified such paths initially.

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The path of defense is a path one takes to protects oneself and society from a threat no matter where it comes from and in what form.  It was inspired by the great valor of the great war master Un Woo Kim.   Ironically in his last days, Un Woo never had to engage in combat in order to protect the emperor and his mission for the betterment of all life.  Un Woo has shown us that defense can be anything from thoughts to weapons.  Defense is itself a vague term without answering the questions: “defense from what? “and “what form of defense? “.   It is also important to know what you are protecting, and why is protection necessary.  This path is chosen by those who know the answers to the questions above.  Those are the patriotic souls, who are willing to die for glory of the emperor.  They join the Surface Troops, Space Force, and Sky Troopers, to fight Alpher invaders.  They protect the order on periphery worlds by turning the rebels into dust.  Other followers of Un Woo Kim join Planetary defense units to protect their home worlds and join police to keep order in our innumerable cities.  Some of them choose positions not mentioned before as the path to defense is not limited to fights and arrests.

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Following the path of defense, just like any other path requires facing challenges.  The path of sportsmanship is a path to undertake challenges for the sake of sport and often for one’s self improvement.  It was inspired by the great sportsman Wei Lan Li.   He didn’t care if people watched him play or not.  He undertook many challenges to test his abilities.  Wei Lan Li showed us, that following rules and restricting   desires is a path to self – improvement.  Quite often the only purpose of his actions was simply to get it done.  He had a burning desire to be the best, being an optional close second.  His whole life he truly exemplified the term “for sport “.  That’s what all his followers aspire to emulate the life of those who choose path of sportsmanship typically consists of playing sports, participating in training sessions and competitions, coaching, and personally training others.  However, the path is followed more closely by people who are daredevils, pranksters, and other groups of people considered amazingly insane.

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To become amazing, one should learn the basics.  The path of knowledge is a path of endless learning.  It was inspired by the life of Felix Gegen who was a great philosopher of his time.  He along with the emperor questioned the knowledge of his day only to find more knowledge and be questioned on his findings.  In his life, he found himself proving others wrong then being proven wrong himself.  That lead him to question whether a correct answer truly exists.  To this day his followers ponder upon this question.  The ones who follow the path of knowledge study, analyze everything they see and discuss the findings among themselves.  Most of them are scientists, reporters, spies, envoys, and teachers.  They observe the current events, or scan through the archives, they read and write reports.  The envoys and reporters publish their conclusions for everyone to see.  Meanwhile, the researchers conduct experiments, limited only by their ever-evolving senses and their ever-adapting bodies.

Strong and adaptive body is what one needs to serve his masters.  The path of servitude means a path of humble work for others.  That was the life story of Patrick Fang.  He was a maintenance engineer who kept a small biogas plant working for 50 years.  He prevented his town from losing all power when a local coal plant was closed, and there was no money to build fancy new plants.  He was never recognized for his work during his lifetime.  For most of his life, Patrick Fang was shunned by some and attacked by others.  No one supported him, not even his family.  He suffered to the very end to serve his village despite the little benefit it did for him because he knew everyone’s survival depended on him.  It was also understood, that his existence depended on everyone else.  According to him it is “better to live in the belly of a dragon and keep it alive and providing searing warmth than to freeze in the cold outside “.  Patrick’s altruism was a stark contrast to those who promised to sell the village power from wind, solar, lightning and geothermal energy.  They only wanted to extract the town folk’s wealth and makeits people suffer.  Ultimately, crooks wanted people to lose faith in electricity and stop demanding it.  The same forces that promised to provide power tried to eradicate the villagers.  Only Patrick’s perseverance prevented the fallof his home town.  The life of Patrick Fang was an example of altruism and loyalty.   Those are the traits his followers cultivate as they trod along the path of Servitude.  It is for people who don’t seek fame or wealth.  It is for those who are content with knowing that their work helps others.  This is the road of teleport masters, gravity timekeepers, spaceship technicians, gravity comet (much like ancient Terran communication satellites) communications technicians, electricians, and other people whose labor others take for granted.  They make the empire work, without making headlines, and earning fame.