The Council Lottery

It was a regular day, here in VaiJong.  People of the 28 towers were taking care of business. Building reactors for the Imperial Mother Ships,  assembling space mining robots, and the planting trees into the pots.

However there was still excitement in the air. It was the day VaiJong got a whole new administration.  Every year on the first day right after the New Years eve, every adult resident gets an email. An email with results of the lottery.

Rita woke up very early to check whether he won a seat in the council. He hoped for a position in the tower council. That would allow him to have a say about what his children study in school, and the common room behavior rules. He wanted to have a voice in the government of Vai Jong.

When he did check his email, he didn’t believe what he saw. He won a seat in the Supreme  Council. He became one of 800 people, who decide on trade deals and immigration quotas among other things.

All his partners congratulated him. Ikas hugged him. Neo told him he will take his shift for a year. Genti offered to guide him to the Council Meeting room. And Hannah   wished Rita to have a productive year. They all told him, that he will be fine as a council member.

Then Ivati  and Luana came up to him, and sung the national anthem. After that Ikas guided them to kindergarten. It’s just two doors down the corridor. But it’s quite a journey for 22 years old.

Genti guided Rita to the teleport and together they travelled to tower A, floor 1620.

There was a huge crowd of people. All the new council members, all the old council members and all their friends. The place was packed with people.

There Rita met with Egan Dzimani, a council member from last year.

“Hello Mr. Dzimani” Rita greeted him, “How do I go into the council meeting room?”, Rita asked.

“It’s 3 doors to the left, right next to the Dzimanga Vai Jong office”, Egan explained.

“Thank you” ,Rita went to the council room. Egan went with him.

They passed near, “Dzimanga VaiJong” headquarters and stopped at the glass door. It was open, but there was something to be done.

Rita scanned his wrist. That’s how he got instructions on his tree planting job.

“Welcome Councilman Nadzima” , said electronic voice- “Your seat is 155, today on the agenda, formation of committees  and electing the head of council”

Rita entered the room and took his seat at the table. Genti told him quick good byes and headed back home.

When he entered only half of the seats on the long crescent shaped people was occupied. Many of the councilmen didn’t even bother to put on their clothes. They were chatting and getting to know each other.

20minutes later every seat was taken. The council was ready to begin work.

At first, there was a presentation by the previous council members on the current state of affairs.  For that 5 men went to the stage and gave a lecture.

After the other 4 left, Egan explained the duties of the council, to the new people.

He told them that the council must communicate with the Imperial Government, make sure that the people of Vai Jong follow the laws of Imperial Scripture, strengthen the trade links with the other worlds of the galaxy, and manage the Immigration policy to increase the number and the prosperity of VaiJong residents.

After giving an explanation of how the council should function he left the room.

Then Samanta Zonga, Zahuri councilman from tower D, proposed voting to elect the head of the council. He also proposed himself for the job. He was a combat veteran who spent years fighting Calpuris in the periphery.

After that 2 humans, and 3 goblins did the same. Then they had a few rounds of voting. That was done by pressing buttons, on the voting machine.

Rita supported Samanta all the way through. In each round a candidate with least votes was eliminated.  So, when the council voted for the 5th time in half and hour, Samanta was up against Patrick Lin, ice cream seller, whose main plus, was the fact he visited Calpurnia soon after the victory. The others had even less authority. Jason Rock was a ship builder, Jaden Ross was a college student, and the goblins were jewelry experts.

One has to get 401 votes to win. Rita sided with Samanta,and gave him that last vote. Patrick got chairmanship over tourism committee. Rita was handed the post of the environment chair.

Then the committee members were selected. Rita scrolled through the list of members and picked the ones he thought capable.

No other committees got formed today. Samanta had them dismissed. They had office space to pick.


Do you like your aliens with Blue Hair?


I am making an announcement. I am a writer.

I have published one Science Fiction Novel.

And I am currently working on another one.

I am a Kazakhstani, but I am writing in English, which is my second language.

My writings are set in the Milky Way galaxy thousands of years into the future.

The humans have survived the climate change with the assistance of an alien race which gave them advanced technology. Together with the blue haired Zahuris, the humans built an Empire which spans across half of the galaxy.

The empire gave the humanity and other species multiple thousands of years of prosperity.

The novels do not tell the big story, but instead focus on the lives of the individuals living in this setting.  I write entirely in POVs

My first book is about a girl from Holy Terra who have moved to the world of Kadjar with her family. There she turns into a different person, she even changes gender identity.

Here is a link to my book – “Kadjar Planet of Happiness”

How to learn Classical Calpuri. Excerpt from “Envoy’s Daughter”

How to learn Classical Calpuri. Excerpt from “Envoy’s Daughter”

I tested out of the Intensive Kadjari class. However, I still had language requirements to fulfill. One can’t get into university without basic Calpuri. Technical schools, accept you with Kadjari only. University means Calpuri in every class.

Classical Calpuri langauge has a humongous number of words and phrases each with very specific meaning. There is only one word (or phrase) for each concept, and no word has multiple meanings. So, if you know your vocabulary interpreting Calpuri text is very easy. There are no methaphors, and no euphemisms.  You must understand everything literally. Also the words do not change meaning, so whenever they stumble into something they don’t have a word for new words have to be invented.

There are stem words, to which suffixes, endings, and prefixes are added to form new words.Calpuri can also fuse stems together to form new words. A lot of antonym pairs were formed by spelling words forward and backward.

Calpuri language has 54 phonemes and 54 letters corresponding to them. There is only one way to record each phoneme. So you write it phonetically. That leaves no room for spelling mistakes, and improves your GPA.

Calpuri language follows Subject Verb Object word order. Modifier comes after the noun.  In Kadjari modifier always comes before, so teacher had to go through that 7 times.

There are 3 grammatical genders. Those were treasure chests of confusion. Why are tables male? Why are spaceships female? What a hell is third gender?

Calpuris write from left to right, and use a whole set of punctuation marks. They do have Capital letters and small letters, and periods between sentences. They also have semicolons, demi-colons, and confusion marks. Nobody else has confusion marks.

All that created issues when Zahuris first contacted humans.  Because Calpuri is very different from natural human languages. And Calpuri thought process involved taking everything literally. The only way to understand Calpuri was to memorize words. Many calpuri words are so specific, a single word translates to a long sentence.  Humans also met words for objects and living species which did not exist on Earth.

Lack of understanding could lead to the destruction of Terra. Urgent action needed to be taken. That’s when God Emperor first entered the stage. One day before the coronation, God Emperor created Common Tongue, as a way to unify humans, Zahuris, goblins, and Orks. This language was inserted into every brain of Terra, Leji and Mars. It was the tool fit for history’s largest language challenge.

When Zahuris came to Terra and started to assist humans, one of the tasks they had was to translate an enormous amount of information they brought to Earth into Unglis. That included the instructions on how to build and use their advanced technology, and their knowledge about the Galaxy and the Universe. Also, a complete history of their home world.

Kadjari University curriculum is all about primary sources. Translations do not count as primary sources.  I spent hours every day of the week memorizing endless amounts of words. Where Common Tongue had 3 words, Kadjari had 1, and Calpuri had 25.

One Calpuri word could replace a paragraph of Kadjari text. Every word of this definition had to be memorized. Otherwise my essays would make no sense at all. Calpuri hated ambiguity. It was the language of certainty.

I have asked Dereck for help. A lot. He turned into my tutor. That way he could spend the weekends in my house. I could look at him as much as I wanted.

Dereck spent the nights at Leff’s room. Leff was out roaming the Infinite City, doing errands for dad. We had breakfast, lunch and dinner together in Envoy House dining room. On Soldar morning, Dereck and I would go to school together with Rosa and Malik.

Elementary Calpuri was followed by Intermediate, and by Advanced. I had learned the grammar and memorized many thousands of words. Dereck and I started conversing in Calpuri.  It’s faster to say Kanti, then: University Entrance Examinations.

The Presidency. Excerpt from “Darth the Unifier”

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The conference has agreed to unify the planet as a federal republic. All the heads of state agreed to give up their positions, in exchange for a post in global administration.  Then came the question, of the first president.

Ariana Ross has proposed to hold a global election.  Former emperor Rabindranath Agora had a better idea.

  • I believe that we have agreed to divide the posts in the future global government among the people sitting in this hall. I also believe that the former heads of states, have agreed to give up their positions, in exchange for a major role in a new global governance system. Therefore, I propose to give the presidency to a former head of state.

His speech was followed by no objections. That seemed fair.

  • Who do you propose to become the first president of a new nation? – I asked him.
  • I believe that the man who initiated this process shall become the new head of state. So, my preferred president is Darth Herohito – Mr. Agora endorsed me.
  • Does anyone else want to propose another candidate for the presidency. – I asked.

The hall remained silent. Nobody wanted to destroy our fragile unity. Any opposition, could result in yet another global war. Nobody needs that, thank you very much.

  • I can assume myself to be president. Now, I need a cabinet. – I smiled. – They are sitting right here. (everyone chuckled). Which positions do you want? – I expected, a scramble for power. Still, the people restrained.  All the eyes were at me.
  • Which positions do you see us in Darth? – Ariana asked.
  • I believe that you would make an excellent Education minister. You already had this position at the government of Texas, and curated this field while being vice president. As for Mr. Agora, he has successfully resolved religious conflicts at the Sydney court, and integrated people of all faiths into the society.  Therefore, he shall become the minister of religion.

The other positions were distributed in a similar manner. Next on the list was the date of my inauguration. It had to be performed as soon as possible. So, I had to move into the residence tomorrow.

The Fighters Motto.


We fight against the Calpuri.

We fight against the destruction.

We fight against the perfectionists.

We fight against the Kodima clan.


They want to kill off weaker species.

They want to kill off imperfections.

They want to kill off all the others.

They want to kill off the non- Ostarte.
Our fight is to prevent extinction.

Our fight is to preserve our species.

Our fight is to protect diversity.

Our fight is to keep galaxy vibrant.

The Lindar Mansion. Excerpt from “Best City of Diatama.”

The Lindar Mansion. Excerpt from “Best City of Diatama.”

Jadar, Intar 16th, year 1, was a very special day for me and Leya. It was the day, we moved into a great mansion, across the street from my measly tree container. It was a two-story house built of oak iron, giving it a dark blue color. Surrounded by a green freshly planted hedge. When I entered the lot, I saw green grass and a red-stone path toward the house.

At the doors we were greeted by a Dzimanga intern.

“Hello. Are you the Lindar family?” He addressed me and Leya

“Yes, we are.” I replied him. It’s my house and he had to let me enter.

We entered the house. We looked through the kitchen, dining room, gym, game room, and a guest bedroom. Then we went upstairs, and looked at the master bedrooms. I chose the bedroom facing the street. Leya was more than happy to overlook the pool.

We unpacked our things and went to the game room to play Rogue Soldierfor an hour.  After, an hour of killing soldiers, and burning villages. It was time to eat lunch. So, we ended the game and rushed to the dining room. There we ate the best lunch since we came to Diatama.  We had lobsters with bread tree fruits. Just like home in Nathanberg. We weren’t barbarians anymore.

Lord Fasti Nadzima.


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We have chosen the Lord of Nadzima.

We have chosen the protector of trees.

We have chosen the best among us.

We have chosen the leader for the clan.


Fasti Nadzima is a veteran of war.

Fasti Nadzima is a planter of forests.

Fasti Nadzima is protector of nature.

Fasti Nadzima is a friend of the humans.


His plan is to make poor people rich.

His plan is to make the ruins thrive.

His plan is to turn them into us.

His plan is to bring everyone together.

The Border with Ants. Excerpt from Best City on Diatama.

The first thing I did as an elected mayor was to get the borderlines drawn. I needed to know where the city limits are. The ant Kings needed to know how big their domains are. We had a common interest. Thus, we started negotiations.

When the Dzimangas run the planet, they didn’t bother with marking the borders between Sakuradzima Nua and neighboring Ant Kingdoms. Dua told me we should figure this out ourselves. His job was to make the planet habitable ours is to keep it this way.

Right after creating the skeleton of the administration, I started work on the border issue. Sophi 3rd, Gangdar, I have held meetings with the Ant Kings, with Jafar present as an interpreter. They too were interested in defining the borders of their domains.

The city needed the aquifers along the river banks, and also, we wanted real estate on both banks of the river. The ants also wanted the water and were interested in the forest land around the mountain slopes. That includes a large portion of the river.

There was also an urgent need to name it. I brought up this question on the city government meeting. Mr. Loti suggested “Ant river”, Mubarak wanted to call it “Green river”, and Mr. Lindar proposed to call it “Kavu river”.

I held an online poll open to anyone in Sakuradzima Nua. Ant river was the most favored by the citizens. So, it became the official name.

After we have named the river, I returned to the negotiations table. The talks did not stop until we came to an agreement.

By the end of the week, we had reached an agreement.  Ant mount Farkle got all the land between the mountain and the left bank of the Ant river. They also got a large swath of flat land as the area between the Ant river, the edge of the city, and Ant Mount Farkle, was divided in half. A straight line went from the source of the Ant river to the Tripoint lake.

The lake was so named because it was divided between the Kingdom of Emma, Kingdom of Farkle, and Sakuradzima Nua.

From the lake our southern border continued to the north west until the Jeremiah swamp, so named after the man who lead the work on its creation.

There on the swamp ground the border turned straight to the north thus giving most of the swampland to the Kingdom of Emma. They told me they needed it for aesthetic value.

To the north of the swamp the borderline continued straight north until it met the Ant river, there we had another tripoint. Thus, we became a wedge of humanoid land, completely surrounded by insect possessions.

The day an agreement was reached (Sophi 8thBargdar), we celebrated with fireworks, cake, and hookers. Half of the city was invited for an orgy on the central square. It was a cause, for a glorious party. For now, the city knew, how large it could grow.

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Meeting at Night, part I. Excerpt from “Operation Azares”

Today is the big day!  I was not so excited, since I moved to this wonderful place. I woke up. Got dressed, and checked the news. Leff Josef is still alive and is on his way to Diatama!

I knew living on the furthest edge is advantageous. I immediately shared the link on 5 ant websites. And wrote an email to my dad back on Kadjar. Then I published that on broccoli. When. That instantly got 50 likes. And I got inundated with messages, from all corners of the planet.

I told everyone that this is true. One has to trust news, when they come from Emma Cond. Even if he is in retirement. Imperial envoys are never former.

So, now I come out of my room. It’s the second day of the 4-day weekend. Leya is still asleep. Entire yesterday we graded papers from his “Ant mount- City Relations” class. For today he planned to grade “Planet Reconstruction” class essays. But, I am planning to throw a party.

Now, I would go out for the house and invite people to celebrate Leff’s return with me. A person who actually knew him. First, I instruct my robot maids to set everything up, like it’s my birthday.  Then I go out in my golden suite and knock on doors to invite people. Off course I visit Dzimanga quarters, and Malik’s house (there I had breakfast), and Mr. Cond. They all agree to come at 2pm.

By noon I am back in my house.  I had lunch, and Leya and kids, had breakfast. I told my partner about the party plans. He freaked out at first, but then I told him great news. He choked on his said: Yeah, he recovered, he said that’s a good reason to postpone grading till next week. Roger and Kim, asked if they can invite friends for a water polo game, while Tomiris inquired about sushi. Leya allowed everything.

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